Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trek Watch - Now and Then

Tuesday morning the kids from the Morgan Stake Young Men and Young Women's groups started their second day on TREK, by pulling their handcards out of Norwoods Canyon in Porterville.  This pic is taken from Grandpa Ben's front yard where we all gathered.  You can't see it very well, but just left of that big tree on the dryfarm, you can barely see a line of hand carts. 
We had binoculars to track the progress.  Joni came up with Megan's kids, and Landon came with his and Kaley's  and Keysto's kids, and Krista Barber? came with her kids, and we had a grand time.  Thank goodness for Grandpa Ben's shade cast by the big pine tree - it was HOT. 
Then Joni loaded Grandpa and Grandma Ben up as the trekkers got closer, and we headed down to the intersection of Morgan Valley Drive and Hardscrabble Road.  Landon and I walked down with Brightyn. 
You can see the trekkers down there on Highway 66 - Here they come !!
We had a great time waving and yelling encouragement to the families.  There are Megan (blue apron) and Johnny and  their family. 
And just like that - they passed by, on their way BACK up into the mountains of Hardscrabble Canyon.   They come home this morning (Thursday).  They were going to come out of the Richville Range by Dee Waldron's home (Richville Lane), and then go back up to the churchhouse, but we got word this morning that they will be coming out of the hills near Barclay Earl's dairy farm.  I guess the kids are REALLY tired and HOT.  Boy it's been a scorcher these past few days !! 
Here are some pics that I took when Landon did Trek in 2003  - Garret Durrant and Lando
Layna and Lando
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic !!  Landon's family, pulling their handcarts. 
Kacey's family (far right in blue coat) - it was SUCH a rainy year that year.  Kacey, if that is Kaley, I'm going to scream !! 
Landon's family - what a great time they had !

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