Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Homes !

It seems that 2015 is the year for selling and buying homes in our family.
Zac and CJ sold their home in July, and will be building next year.

Landon and Kacey just purchased this home in West Haven.  It is in a small community development just off of 2550 N and 1900 W.  I was able to visit their home last night and take a tour.  It will be a nice home for them, and they love it.  

Manda and Bren sold their rental (not this picture), and then bought a new home (see below), and are now in the process of selling their old home (see above).  I'll miss this home.  They bought it in 2011, when the market was really depressed, and are now selling for a substantial amount more due to the rising market. 
This is their new home, in a great area.  I haven't seen it in person yet (on the inside), but I'm looking forward to when we go down around Christmas.  Hopefully I won't have strep throat again !

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mostly, it's about building a fence :)

This picture was taken last week, just as the sun was setting.  This is looking west, down the North property line. Poles are ready to be cemented in.
Thatcher, ready to head to Pre-school.  Wearing his trusty patch :)
Three rugrats in the tub.  I think this is the night Landon and Kacey went to the Jazz game.
Friday I helped mom and dad in their garden a little bit.  They had it mostly done by the time I got there.  I walked over from our house with Lucky.  We found a new path, that takes us down through the corn fields, it's much quicker !
Cementing the poles started Thursday evening along the South property line, and we continued on Friday afternoon.  I carried 20 bags of Sacrete to place at each pole.  They each weigh 80 pounds.  That's 1600 pounds folks !!  Yeah Crossfit !!
Thatch just hung out.
Measuring each pole, leveling just right.

When Rog got home, he joined in the fun.  We were able to get them all in across the back of the property by Friday night when Zac and CJ had to leave for a date night with Lindsey and Moroni Wardell.  They went to a dinner and movie.
Such a good lookin' cuss :)
Saturday morning we started EARLY !  It was still pretty cold.   We started at the east side of the North line, and worked our way West.
Landon came up, and was able to move the pipe all around the perimeter.  This pipe is for the top rail, and the middle rails.  He also put out the rest of the Sacrete on the North property line, which saved my back !
We had all of the pole cemented in by about noon, then took a break for lunch, then...............
.......went down to the Property and cleaned up the chips from the stump that was removed.  It sure looks different !

I just love fall - everything looks so beautiful.  We are sure hoping that a bunch more leaves fall, and it doesn't snow, so we can go over them with the lawnmower one more time.  It makes cleanup in the Spring SO MUCH BETTER !
The garden is all put to bed, and we just finished it by spreading out the wood chips (from the stump).
Working hard.
We moved to the shop, and Tagg cleaned while Zac built a "jig".
He needs to make grooves/saddles in each of the cemented pole for the top rail to lay in, so it can be welded in place.  In order to make them all the same, he constructed a "jig", which is a pattern piece made from metal that he can slip over the top of each of the poles, that shows him just where to make the groove/saddle.

Zac had quite the audience.
Here is the finished jig.

Back to the house for relaxation and dinner.  Ironman came along ;)

This boy sure loves Grandma D's Salsa !
Sunday morning the cutting of the grooves/saddles began.
After using the jig, and cutting the grooves/saddles, the top rail fits nicely in place !
It is now Wednesday (as I post this), and all of the saddles have been cut in the cemented poles, and all of the top rail has been laid in place and is awaiting the welding.  Last night, Zac was building another jig to use on the middle rails, because each of them needs to be notched on each end.  I'm sure he will continue to work on this all week, and I think his plan is to hopefully get everything welded together by the end of next weekend.  Hopefully the weather holds !!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A week in October

We are adding a shower above the tub downstairs.  Looks like Dad has alot of help :)
Two Peas in a Pod
TV at the shop
Out with the old - In with the new !
Grandpa D got a new lawnmower.  After 15 years, the motor finally gave out on the old Toro.
Grandpa Roger and Lucky (haha)
Tractor Supply was giving away free dog food, with a picture of families and their pets. 
I got all of my flower beds all cleaned out !  Yahoo - 2nd year in a row ;)
And look who is guarding our front porch !
We finally got the old piece of bark with Roger's name carved on it hung up.  Bruce found it down in the mountains above Salina, where we used to hunt 30 years ago.  What fun memories.  Thanks Bruce !
The boys broke the chalk back out, and drew some scary WASPS on our driveway.
His exact words were, "Dad, do you need my help?"
The post holes are almost finished.  This day, they dug in the rain.  Zac doesn't know what to do with all of his helpers !
Breakfast for Dinner !!
Yum Yum !!!
Tagg drew all of the family names on the driveway.  The caption above reads, "I Love You Guys"
And last but not least - Grandpa showed us all just how wild and crazy he is, trying out his skills on Treyson's scout stilts. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cam's Week in Utah

Oh boy - THESE TWO !
They sure know how to give each other a bad time :)
He calls her "Arizona", and she calls him "Utah"
Love them both !
We had quite the rain storm one day - she's a goofball :)
Grandpa Ben sure loves her
Cam sure loves Lucky, our new dog.  He is a sweetheart.............
.........and with three dogs of her own, Cam is a dog lover !
She worked on her homework assignment (Power Point Presentation on Mesopotamia) for hours and hours.  Here she took a break and played with Payson.

Two girls and a doggie.
Up she goes !!!
Relaxing on the patio swing with the big boys and Lucky.  Such a life !

I dare say her FAVORITE :)
We had a party at the Property on Saturday before she left.  It's always a fun time there.  We worked to get the Property put to bed for winter, taking down the tables, and packing everything away. 
Saturday night I took Cam and Treyson to Lagoon.  We sent Bren a picture of this.  He HATES the white roller coaster.  The one time he road it a couple of year ago, he thought he was going to DIE !!
Cam was DYING that I had my phone out as we went up the first big hill on the Roller Coaster.  You better believe I put my phone away before we came down the other side :)
They had a lot of cool props for Frightmares.  Here they are in a coffin.
Cam WOULD NOT get in the Zombie cage with Treyson and me.
They did ride Ody-SEA over and over again.  It was their favorite :)

Goobers (haha)

We made sugar cookies.   Cam stirred them up all by herself, and they we called the boys up to help cut them up.  I was complaining about not having many "cutters", and having to use Christmas cut-outs, and Manda sent me a 101 piece Cookie Cutter set from Amazon !!  Wow, I got it in the mail today, it is AWESOME !!

Conversing with Grandma D.

Love the SMILES !!
(She's getting taller, huh?)
They helped me make a scarecrow to put out on our front porch.
The face lights up, and we took Roger's old "Pirate" shirt, and some old holey wranglers, and stuffed them full of newspaper and raffia.  Landon's old TREK hat completed the outfit. 
And here they are (Tagg is fuzzy because he wouldn't stand still) - just before we headed down to the airport catch her flight back to AZ.  Love and miss you Cam !!  Thanks for coming up for your fall break.  It was low key and relaxed, and Grandpa and I had to work a lot, but I think it turned out GREAT !! 
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