Friday, June 30, 2017

Goats in Jammies

Thelma and Louise - ravishing in their attire (haha)
Tanja with Lazy Lewis - her favorite
The only way we could get them all together !
Me, CJ, and Tanja
Thelma - boy she is bossy at the bottle feeder.
Muscles her way in to everyone's nipple
Crazy Clark - as usual, mid air !
Lazy Lewis - on the run !
Thelma, looking fetching in her crazy attire. 
So much fun to play dress up
I need to modify the jammies, and try it again !!

Thanks to  Jarrett for the AWESOME pics !!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A little Raptor fun !

This blog post, courtesy of Grandma Shirlee aka Nana Daw

We went to the Raptors game for Weber Morgan Health night.  Our seats were just off of third base and only up four rows.  Pretty good seats.  Tagg had just finished up with his baseball game with Grandpa Jim and then we headed to Ogden.  Got there a little late but it was a great night.  We were sitting close to the extra ball players that were lined up against the wall.

 I told the boys to go down and get an autograph and they headed down.  Treyson and Tagg were scared to approach anyone but not Thatcher.  He just tapped on a players hat and began talking to them.  They were pretty good with him and I think he talked with them for about 20 minutes or so.  They gave him jelly beans and hi chew candies.  (so much for taking candy from strangers, ha ha)  in the end there were 4 or 5 of them that gave him high five's and then one of them gave him a ball.

He was upset that I did not have a marker to have them sign the ball.  They told him that they could not sign until after the game but it got really late and we ended up leaving before it was over.
 Tagg on the other hand moved down front of us and was really intent on watching the game.
Treyson, he really did not want to come but ended up sitting by Colton Hyde and had a pretty good time.  I am glad that we went.  It was a beautiful night and the boys were good.  We will have to try it again

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Baseball is almost over

Tagg's  tournament play starts tomorrow.
He has enjoyed having Grandpa Jim as his coach, and has learned alot.
Last game he caught a pop fly, then stepped on third (getting the runner out), making a double play.  He also backhanded a great bouncing line drive.  Good job Tagg!
We were able to get down to see Payson's last game.
It was such a hot day, but as we watched, the clouds moved in, the wind increased, and it cooled off nicely.  
Landon is the coach of the team, and they do it a little different than Morgan.  They practice for 1/2 an hour, and then play for 1/2 an hour.  It is a great set up I think.  
Kroix, and Thatcher (who came down with us) and Kolston playing around like crazy men.  
Kacey, Kaley, and Gary watching the game. 
Go Payson !!
Last game - and a medal !
Pretty Proud
Brightyn got a medal too..........
She was supposed to play on the team, but didn't like it at all.
Ice Cream at McDonald's afterwards
Moustache Man
Thatcher's team
Good Job Thatcher !

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June "little stuff"

Treyson is a reading maniac this summer.  Book after Book. 
This is what I used to do when I was his age.
So I'm finally going to get my C-pap machine this Friday
Hopefully it will help.
The trampoline is always fun.
Can't believe these boys are just relaxing on it ?!?!
A little bit of fishin'
The wind blew a huge tree down near the tree house.  It fell across the water, and snagged the zip line. 
Tanja and Jarrett stopped by one evening and brought their dogs.  Oh what fun in the water was had !!
Working to get the tree removed.
Our supervisor.
Making me nervous - I had to leave. 
I just can't take the stress, pressure and worrying.
Thatcher and Mom (CJ)
Landon and Kacey donated their entertainment center, and we turned it into a cupboard for the building.
All of the maxi-paw sprinklers were replaced, and Grandpa and Grandma D sold these on Morgan Classifieds.
Trying out the Sling Shot at Trax rentals. 
Crazy kids, raided our Creamy Stash
Now that's more like it !
A local (Park City) celebrity spoke to us as Assessor Summer Workshop.
Any guesses who he is?
He doesn't look like I remember him.
Here's a clue:  "Here's your sign"
A view of Park City, from the Ritzy neighborhood.
This is what a bedroom closet looks like in a 7 million dollar house...........
And a garage............
And mechanical room................
Wine cellar...........
Bathroom in a 12 million dollar home
Another bathroom
Bunkbeds - cool (there is another set just like this on the other side of the room.

My condo I stayed in.
I rode the zip line from the top of the mountain at the Olympic Park.  When they open the doors, you GO !!
This is Dale Bagley  - Piute County Assessor
Pedro, Julie Medley (Carbon Co. Assessor), Kya
Maddi, Amy Jo, and Ally
We had a great time, though none of us dared go down those ski jump landings in the rear.
You actually sit on a tub to go down.  Pretty intense. Just ask Landon !
I think we caught 1-2 of Thatcher's baseball games.
There he got a hit !
3 baby raccoons down at the Property.
Not a good place to be.
Unfortunately they grow up to be chicken killers.........
We sanded and re-stained the benches at the Property.  In preparation for the reunions and parties we are going to have there this summer.  First one is this Saturday - Porter Family Reunion (Roger's cousins)
Our driveway was sealed and resurfaced (oiled)
He did a great job. 
Bouquet for Grandpa Ben's grave for Father's Day.
Tagg got a new puppy.
Meet Rex
He's a golden lab/Bernese Mountain Dog mix.
He's going to be HUGE
Spreading out bark.
Flowers (my own Peonies from my flower bed) for Relief Society centerpiece, and THEN for Phyllis.
Love their smiles
Happy Father's Day Dad !
Landon's seat at the Diamondbacks game
He traveled to AZ for work (and to see Manda)
Landon and Kacey are keeping up with Crossfit.
Payson is going to kids Crossfit too
These two crazy goobers
And here's another one (Camryn) enjoying her time in Cali with her cousins.
Basking in the hot tub in Park City with Dad
Look at that Shiner !
I think he "might" have learned that jumping on the bunk beds with cousins is NOT a good idea ;)
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