Thursday, June 29, 2017

A little Raptor fun !

This blog post, courtesy of Grandma Shirlee aka Nana Daw

We went to the Raptors game for Weber Morgan Health night.  Our seats were just off of third base and only up four rows.  Pretty good seats.  Tagg had just finished up with his baseball game with Grandpa Jim and then we headed to Ogden.  Got there a little late but it was a great night.  We were sitting close to the extra ball players that were lined up against the wall.

 I told the boys to go down and get an autograph and they headed down.  Treyson and Tagg were scared to approach anyone but not Thatcher.  He just tapped on a players hat and began talking to them.  They were pretty good with him and I think he talked with them for about 20 minutes or so.  They gave him jelly beans and hi chew candies.  (so much for taking candy from strangers, ha ha)  in the end there were 4 or 5 of them that gave him high five's and then one of them gave him a ball.

He was upset that I did not have a marker to have them sign the ball.  They told him that they could not sign until after the game but it got really late and we ended up leaving before it was over.
 Tagg on the other hand moved down front of us and was really intent on watching the game.
Treyson, he really did not want to come but ended up sitting by Colton Hyde and had a pretty good time.  I am glad that we went.  It was a beautiful night and the boys were good.  We will have to try it again

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