Sunday, January 31, 2016

Same kind of Saturdays

Tagg still has basketball, and really does a great job.
It's fun to watch the team.  Tagg really does a great job defending. 
We had Landon and Kacey's kids again (while they are reffing/score keeping) at the basketball games in the middle school gym. (We are in the Trojan Century Center).  We are glad for MAGNAFORMS - they keep the kids entertained. 
Back home for lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and NO BAKE COOKIES !
Brightyn is so funny, she was eating her chocolate milk with a spoon - crazy !
Then we got bundled up, and went outside so Grandma could get some pics.  As usual, it's more work for the parents, just getting them all bundled up.  And the fun only last so long, until they are cold and crying.  
Brighty knew what throwing snow was all about :)
Treyson was the master sleigh riding trail builder - with a little help from Thatcher on his back.
Brightyn loved being pulled down the hill.......
.....for a while, and then she got upset, and huddled with Lnadon under some pipe.
There is a big pile of rotomil in Wilkinson's road, and it makes for a steep fast hill for sleighriding.  These two boys made it to the top.  Payson had a problem, because he had a finger that was hurting (because he had bitten the nail too deep), and he refused to have a glove or mitton on it, so with one bare hand, it was kind of complicated.  
An ANGEL for sure ;)
During all of the sleighriding, Tagg was busy with building a snowman, which is what he REALLY likes to do.  We got two lemons, a carrot, and some olives to complete the face :)
I managed to get in the house before Treyson lobbed this big snowball at me.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Crazy Fun Weekend

Is this the cutest picture or what?
Payson, Thatcher, and Caden Adams.
I had my hands full keeping these three occupied at Tagg's basketball game.
Around and Around and Around we went.  They are sure full of energy. 
This was lunch.
They both wanted EGGS !!
Payson loves to pretend.  First he is Hulk, then he is Prancer, then he is Santa Claus !
Brightyn and I would lay under the table (I had made a fort), and he would visit us, and bring us presents, and we would pretend to leave him cookies and milk..........which turned into us MAKING cookies and milk.
We read ONE LITTLE MATCH over and over and over.
The kids just LOVE it !
Zac and Tagg were busy downstairs, ripping out our old shower.
What a project !
Let's see.   We've got a bowl of raspberries defrosting (to make jam), and a bowl of pizza dough, ready to make a pizza for dinner !  Yahooo !!
Silly Girl 
I don't know if you can see it very well, but the new snowblower is working wonders on Dad and Mom's driveway.  Zac worked to widen it, and it worked beautifully. 
Not sure what the tear is about.....She had a hard Sunday morning.  I think she didn't want to share the stirring spoon with Payson.  
Such good helpers !!
This was after the bathtub mishap.....
She got a bar of soap all over her hands, and then rubbed her right eye.
Oh the pain of it all !!
We had tears for quite a while, on and off.
I was kind of worried, but it eventually quit hurting, thank goodness. 
Can you guess how many times I told him to be careful, and not get the jam on him?   
TA DA !!!  24 cups of raspberry freezer jam.
We are a great team !
I don't have pictures..........but church was a hoot !
Sacrament meeting was good, because Brightyn fell asleep in my arms for about an hour.  I guess I really hadn't thought about how I was going to play my piano in Primary with Brightyn........  I knew she woudn't go to Nursery without me, and really she sat pretty good (and helped me play the piano a little) during the first hour.  The 2nd hour, CJ took her out in the hall, and she was fine there.  Payson and Thatcher gave their two Sunbeam teachers a run for their money, that's for sure.  Oh boy...........
Pays is saying, "Ho Ho Ho, what do you want for Christmas little girl"
He's back to being Santa Claus this morning, and she loves it.  Brightyn sits on his lap readily.  She wanted a new baby puppy, named Yadi Christmas.  *Payson said when he goes back to the Philippines (what?!) that he is going to get Yadi, and bring him back.....Yadi is a puppy they had over there for awhile, until he kept bringing TICKS into the house all of the time. 
Later, the big boys talked Dad into going out and playing in the snow with them.  They stayed out  until there were tears..........which is what CJ predicted would happen. 
The Littles stayed in where it was warm, and cheered them on.
They would throw snowballs against the windows.
I was hoping we didn't have one break !!
Cold Rosy Cheeks - Sweaty Heads
Happy Boys
Back on the floor, playing pretend again.
Payson loves the green brush with the little soft poky combers.
I told him it was little chipmunks running through his hair, and he loved the way it felt.  I've got to tell you though, I was much more gentle than he was, combing MY hair. OUCH !
More snow !  Beautfiul Sunshine !
It was a GREAT weekend :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Fence

The Road is in - Boy that has been an ordeal.
But it's done for now.  September 2015
Zac had previously buried the pipe for the ditch, and then got it all leveled out. 
Digging post holes - The post hole digger that Ace Hardware rents was a piece of junk, and we didn't want to wait, so the digging commenced - September 2015
Everyone helped !
Zac had cemented the corner posts, and then ran a string line so the post holes would be in a good straight line. 
Beautiful pic - just as the sun was setting.  Everyday after work, we would work until dark. 
Then the cementing of the poles began.  We started everything on the South side, then across the back, and finally up the North side. 
These bags of dry cement (SAKRETE) each weighed either 50 or 80 pounds.  I helped lay them out next to each hole, and I think that day I figured I had moved close to a ton !
They would dump the dry bag of cement in the hole, even it up, and then pour in a bucket of water. 
After all of the posts were in, then came the long pipes for the top and middle.  Landon was a big help one Saturday, and he moved the long poles around where they were needed, both by tractor................
.........and by hand (and back)
Zac was finishing up cementing the North side on this day.
Landon was moving pipe.
I think this was the first pipe that they set on top, and then decided that each of the posts would have to be notched. 
Zac did each of these by hand, after building a JIG that he would pop on and off each pole.
Long tedious work ! - but Zac just got to it.  It had to be done, right?
Setting the top pole AFTER the notches has been made - much better.
All of the top rail was welded in place...............
I think these were each 24 feet long, which spanned 3 - 8 foot openings.
Then the middle rails (8 feet each) were welded.   Notice Tagg and Zac have the helmets, and Dad and Rog were looking away so there eyes wouldn't get burned.  
Zac had to build another JIG for this, to help hold the pipes, and also for measuring accuracy.
Everyone pitched in and was a big help.  One of the guys who Zac works with loaned Zac the big welder, and it was much appreciated.  
We were happy the days were still so mild.  Most of this went on in October, and into November. 
After all of the welding was done, then the forming of the bottom wall was started.
This was about mid-November. Still no snow, thank goodness.  
This became a tricky thing, as it was now so cold it was freezing, the the ground had to be covered BEFORE the cement was poured, and the cement had to covered AFTER it was poured, and Zac only had so many tarps, and insulated covers.  
The first pour didn't go as far down the South side as was planned for. 
The second pour finished up the South side, went all along the back, and a little ways up the North side. 
Ernie Durrant and Steve Wiggill did the pouring, and Dad and Zac helped. 
We decided to cover the 2nd pour up with straw.  Randy Sessions gave us a big round bale, and it worked perfectly.
This day was December 5th.  I remember this, because this is the day Grandpa Ben died (7pm that night)
The forming of the North side was alot harder than the previous two sides for a couple of reasons, both elevation, and also the road that had been put in made for more work.  Zac wasn't able to complete the forms in time...........
And unfortunately the snow did not hold off, and the pour that had been scheduled had to be postponed.
The worry now, was the wet ground - and would the heavy cement trucks sink out of sight when they pulled in?
All we needed was for one of them to get stuck !  Zac finished up the forming, and plowed the snow off, down to the ground, and the next sunny day, the pour was scheduled early in the morning so the ground would be frozen.

Thank goodness everything worked out, and I think it was the Monday before Christmas that the last pour was completed. 
GOOD THING TOO!! - because it snowed and snowed and snowed.
This day was December 24th - Christmas Eve, and beautiful sunny day, and we worked very very hard to get the forms and insulation all removed. 
It was a great day in the snow, and the kids played and worked, and played and worked. 
We were able to get everything finished up, and after Christmas Zac started working on getting the cow panels put up and wired to the poles (Unfortunately I don't have any pics of that).

Many Many people have commented on it.
It is pretty impressive - probably the best built fence in Morgan County (SERIOUSLY).

Zac builds things just like my dad.
Perfectly, and built to last through the millenium !
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