Saturday, January 9, 2016

Past Two Days

On Friday we went to Bruce's Mom's funeral.  Jeanne Frost.  She was a sweet lady, who I hadn't seen for many years.  One of my favorite memories of her was when Roger and I were dating, they were camping in Hardscrabble, in this cute mini-motorhome, and she cooked up some Pine Hen that Chauncy had shot, and it was so good!  She was very kind to us.
Bruce and his siblings.
Buck, Sandy, Bruce, Leslie
Manda send me a new shirt for my birthday today.
I'm 55 years old !
We watched Brightyn and Payson this morning while Landon and Kacey worked at the Jr. Jazz Basketball.  I was surprised that Brightyn knew exactly how to use my foam mobility "thing".  I don't know what it's called, haha.
Lucky had left over breakfast.
Brightyn helped me eat MY breakfast.
Boy that girl sure does love chicken and avocados! 
On the was to Tagg's basketball game.
Payson is so sweet to Brightyn. 
I took TONS Of pics, but Tagg was running so fast in most of them, he is just a blur. 
Thatcher actually took this picture
Blakeley, Jim, Shirlee, CJ.
Bright and Thatch
Another one of Thatch's pics !

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