Friday, January 8, 2016

BBC - Brightyn's Birthday Celebration

When we arrived at Landon and Kacey's home, Brightyn was all spiffed up and pretty.   She looked so cute, and was expectantly waiting for the party to start. 
She received many fun gifts from all of her family.
Those that were there:
Great Grandpa and Grandma Dickson
Great Grandma Ben (LuAnn)
Grandpa Roger and Grandma Gwen
Grandpa Gary and Grandma Carol
Uncles and Aunts.....
Zac and CJ (Treyson and Thatcher) Tagg was to basketball practice
Brittney and kids (Blake was out of town)
Keysto and Kaley and kids
Jordyn and Cody and Kellen
Cupcakes !!  Yeah !!
(She wanted one that DID NOT have the paper torn off.  It took Dad three times to realize this - haha)
Probably one of her favorite toys was this little doggie that followed her around.  She LOVES animals. 

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