Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fun, Cold, Work, Play, Build

It started out so cold.  You could rake and try to keep warm, but when the wind blew, and the sun was behind the clouds, it wasn't pleasant at all.   
Dax, Thatcher, Treyson, Tagg
Just a swingin'
Treyson can't go too high, he gets motion sickness poor kid !
The kids didn't seem to be bothered by the cold, and finally sun started to peak out more than it stayed hidden. 
Whee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We actually were able to get quite alot accomplished.  Thanks to Devin and Dallin and Landon and Zac. 
Then it was time for the egg hunt.  Dev and Dal hid the eggs, and each little one got 7-8.  They were filled with candy or money.  Next year I hope to be able to fill alot more !
You can see Payson's eyes in this picture, but most of the time the brim of his hat was pulled down so low, he would have to tip his head WAY back to see you.  So cute. 
Grandma and Grandpa and the grandkids.
Back:  Treyson, Dallin, Grandma, Grandpa, Devin
Front:  Payson, Brightyn, Tagg, Dax, Thatcher
We had a weenie roast, and the fire pit was full to over flowing with ash from the little twigs we had previously picked up and burned.  We made due.  Kacey and Brightyn stayed bundled up, and tried to avoid the blowing smoke when it blew south.  
Mr. Smiley !
The kids got along so well, and everyone had a good time. 
Our funny four year olds.
Grandpa Roger invading their space :)
Keep the sun a comin' !!!!!!!!
After awhile, the Wardell girls came up to play. 
So High UP
Be careful !!
You too Zachary !
Working on the new project - a TREE HOUSE
The older kids went across the creek, found an awesome tree, and proceeded to play "Wilderness Family".  I loved playing like this when I was a kid, and I'm so happy they can to this too. 
Getting the floor in place. 
Thatcher, Kaydence, Treyson, Kamry, Kassidy, Tagg, Kathryn
Roger D. making me nervous !
Back home again, jumping on the tramps.
It's Springtime for sure !!
(Love Zac's smile as he watches)
Then it was dinnertime for the Littles.  
We had creamed tuna on toast, but Payson "renamed" it - Toasty Bake.
He loved it !

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Some of our Weekend

This is actually a picture of a painting.  It is one of many that hangs in the hallways at the Salt Lake County building.  I had a class down there on Thursday.  This picture reminds me of mom and dad, but not so old.  Anyway, I think my parents look alot younger than these two.  But I really LOVE this picture, and I love my parents. 
This neat wagon is only $55 in Costco.  Wish we had tons of money, and could just buy it for no reason at all for my grandkids. 
Friday Night Lights - Landon brought the kiddos up to watch.  Kacey was at the hospital with her Grandma and Grandpa Vern.  He is doing better, thank good ness.  Brightyn was kind of sleepy at first. 
Go Joni !!   
Structura came up and everyone got massages after their workout - how great is that? 
The kids had fun climbing and playing on the boxes.  They know NO FEAR !!
J.P. Audrey's little girl (I can't remember her name), Payson, Cason, and Casen's little brother (they are Tiffany and Korey Adam's boys)
Brightyn even got in on the action - That's Landon reaching out to catch her. 
Kicking balls around is fun - but NOT the Wall Balls - they are too heavy !
Zac brought home a stack of pallets, to use in making the tree house. 
We helped Dad get his greenhouse up and going. 
Treyson was practicing Whittling. 
Tagg removing nails.
They found 24 golf balls in the field, and Tagg could hardly wait to take them back to the neighbors. 
Grandpa helping Treyson with his whistle that he whittled. 
My recommend to go to the Provo Temple Dedication on Sunday.  It was great !

Monday, March 21, 2016

A little bit of this - a little bit of that

Devices Devices Devices - I'm not so sure about these dang Devices
Relaxin'  SERIOUSLY with Pa 
Treyson's 4th grade history fair project.
Mining in Utah.
Good Job Treyson !!
He highlighted his GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandpa Porter's mine in Hardscrabble that we went to last summer. 
We were able to go and see him in action  at the Elementary School. 
This kid LOVES WORMS !!
Movie time with MOM
Super Heros !!
Landon went to Wendover with some of his school buddies.
Justin Batty, Landon, Travis Bobo, Alan Tucker, and Colton Winchester
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