Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Payson is 4 !!

2012 - Newborn
Oh so sweet, with the dimple !
2013 - 1 year old
And his parents were going to take him halfway around the world - WHAT !?!?!
2 years old - early celebration this year because once again, they were headed back to the Philippines.
2015 - 3 years old
Celebrating in Sipalay on the beach
Such is the life !
2015  - 4 years old !
We had such a great celebration the other night.
Good food, Good Fun, Good Family

Such a cute cake mom!

Payson looks so tall in this picture above !  He's growing and learning, and smart as a whip.  He loves gymnastics, and preschool, and anything to do with GUNS !!   He is a wonderful helper, whether it's picking up the toys, or cooking eggs, or feeding Lucky.   We Love you Payson !!!  

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