Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adventures with Camryn :)

After we picked Cam up at the airport, we all went to Erika's home and planned our Orlando trip (coming up at the end of the month).  Grandpa D took us out to Subway for lunch (sorry he's not in the pic), and then we headed home. 
It was great to see the boys - they love her so much !
Treyson and Cam
Cam and Thatch and Tagg
Tuesday morning wake up - hah
She didn't manage to stay on the blow up mattress :)
We went up to the cemetery to see Linda's and Grandpa Ben's gravesites.
I took some pics of course. 
Up to Round Valley for more pics :)
By the pretty old granery
Back to the bridge, where many photographer's take many wonderful pics.
Obviously I'm not the best photographer !!
Can you guess where we are?
On an alien planet?
Nope - Antelope Island.  
Pointing (kinda) to Weber Canyon.
Morgan is on the other side of those mountains.
Selfie Time !
We didn't see any LIVE Bison.
This will have to do :)
When we got home it was time to do chores.
Grandpa has some GREAT helpers!

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