Monday, March 7, 2016

Bunch of Fun - Bunch of Pics !

Roger and I and Grandma Ben traveled to Mesquite and St. George to watch Landon play some softball, and hangout with Kacey and the kids, and Carol.  We had a great time.   Here we are in the local Firehouse Sub joint.  I got a kick out of this picture on the wall.  See the two girls, hanging on, and "flying" on the Fire Engine?   Strange - mixing safe with unsafe?  Weird. Cute. Funny.   The subs were delicious !
We drove down Thursday afternoon, staying in Mesquite (so Roger could get his "fix"), and then came back up to St. George on Friday afternoon.  We drove around and saw the sights,  Went on roads we had never been on before.  Utah Hill, Gunlock Reservoir, Veyo, start of the St. George Marathon, Snow Canyon, Tuachan, Hurricane (to deliver Vern Wiggill's dutch oven), St. George Airport (close to it), Bloomington, and back around to Don Pedro (Mexican restaurant) on Dixie Drive.  Later that night, Landon had two games.  It was a beautiful night.  
Such a beautiful complex - Google "The Canyons Complex"  WOW !
It was not too cold - and Payson had a great time running around. 
Brightyn with her gear.
Here is Payson with Jared Venz' son, they are around the same age.  They threw the ball around.   Here Payson said to him, "Guess what?!?  I don't live in a house anymore - I. LIVE. IN.A.HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   He was sure excited to BE ON VACATION !!!!!!!!!
Teeth............ :)
HI Dad!
Headed back to the games the next day (Saturday)
Yeah - Ducks !!
And a TUNNEL!!!!!!
Hangin' with Pa
Playin' on the IPAD
Every time he would win a game, he had to tell Grandma Ben.
It was a little overcast in the morning - but not too cold. 
Brightyn with Jake Rees' little girl. 
Lunch Break at Wendy's
This girl love KETCHUP!
Back to the ball park, and Payson and I took a walk around a fishing pond.  He saw this lady catch a fish, and had a million questions for her.  He is sure a friendly little guy. 
It was such a great WARM WARM BEAUTIFUL couple of days.  We came home about 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon (home by 7:30 pm).  We were able to see 5 of the 7 games that the team played.

The team was Pace's Resturant team.  Jake Rees asked Landon to play.  Some other from Morgan that played were, Jared Venz, Jake Rees, Tyler Toone, Bryant Hemingway.  Usually Mitch Clark plays also.  Not sure how they did overall in the standings.  I know they were in the consolation bracket.  They haven't played together since Peach Days in September. 
Fun times were had by all !!

Landon and Kacey and Carol and kids came home Sunday.

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