Thursday, March 10, 2016

Turkeys, Chickens and Ducks - Oh My !!

We picked up our chickens at IFA on Wednesday afternoon.  Landon and Kacey met us there.   Poor Brightyn had just come from the doctor where she received 4 shots !  She was just keeping her eyes closed, buried in Kacey's shoulder.  Each  grandkid picked their chicken out.  They each chose a different breed.  
We got them home, and put them into the "chick" pen.  This is the first chicken pen that Zac built for Roger as a Christmas present years ago.  We now use it every year, just for the baby chicks until they are big enough to put in with the other chickens.  
We got the lights all set up to keep them warm.
The kids always love this time of year. 
There were no ducks or turkeys at IFA, so we came back to Tractor Supply to get the ducks.  I guess the turkeys will have to wait for another day.  Tagg was not happy.  He and Treyson were arguing.  
Six little Ducks.
Names as follows:

Tagg's duck is Spot (because he's got a brown spot on his forehead)
Treyson's duck is Third Eye (because he's got a brown spot with a yellow dot in it on his forehead)
Thatcher's duck is Quacker
Cam's Duck is Nebraska (the name of the state where the members of "OGOC" are from.)
Brightyn's duck is - DUCK
Payson's duck is - Lok (rhymes with Oak)
This is Grandma's Chick - It is a Turkin
This is  either Thatcher's Chicken - Name is Snowstorm.
She is a Delaware breed, and will be WHITE when she gets older.
OR it may be Brightyn's Buff Orphington (named Chicken)
Kinda hard to tell apart right now - Thatch's is a little lighter.
This is Treyson's - She is a Ancona.  He named her "Assassin of the Moonlight"
These boys are so happy !!
This is Camryn's Americana - She named her Omaha (see OGOC above)
This is Grandma's Bantam Silky 
This is either Tagg's Barred Rock (named Rocky)
or Paysons' Austalorp (named Blackie)
We can't tell them apart right now, but will when they get older. 
Watch the video I took of this (see below) - too cute !
Kaley brought her kids up, and everyone wanted a turn holding the baby chicks. 
Also, we had to check out the eggs !
Back to the ducks - they are holed up in the back side of the igloo, and are REALLY SKITTISH !!
Brightyn loves the barnyard and the goats,
France let her walk right up and pet her.  I think it was because she was so small, and France didn't feel threatened.  I wish all of the goats were as tame as our sweet Billy Boy. 
He is such a sweet goat.   Brightyn loves to sit on his back.  

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