Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is the difference between Roger and I.
Every single time, just before bed, he removes his boots, and places them neatly.

On the other hand, I kick off my shoes while sitting back in my chair watching TV, and there they sit.  I think the other day, I picked up 5 different pairs (when I finally got around to cleaning up).

I wish I was more like Roger.
I'd probably be nagging him if he did what I did, but he never says a word to me.

I give him a bad time about being Mr. Perfect, with the first name of "Always".

Gotta love him !

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fun pics of Cam and her AZ family

Wish I knew every name/relation
Here is who I do know......(I think)
Hannah is in burnt orange.  Cam has spent alot of time with her over the years.  She is about 4 years older than Cam, and is her 2nd cousin (but is more like a sister).  The four girls to the "right" of Cam, are her 1st cousins.  All sisters, the youngest is next to Cam, and is about 2 years older than she is.
The boy on the far right is a 2nd cousin, Hannah's brother I think.
Not sure about the two boys on the far left. 
Cam and Grammy Pam

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Early morning, getting set up.  Rog helped me out so much, and I appreciate it.  Love my blue table cloth that Sherilee gave me.  She got it while in France.  I love it !
Mr. Fluffy came in for a minute for breakfast
Aaron and Erika's vegetable tray creation.
Love it !
Before we ate, a little perusing of the Black Friday adds
Erika and her family (minus Lance) came, along with Grandma Ben. 
Mom and Dad were here also. 
After we ate, there were puzzles........
and card games.........
It was great to be together with family. 
A little sleeping............
So good to have Brian back from his mission.
Love Colton's smile :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Got a cat, lost a cat, Do we have a cat?

I've posted pics about a cat (Fluffy) that we picked up for free (when getting the free carpet).  Roger wasn't too thrilled...... especially after it pooped in our truck on the ride home. STINKY !!

Then Lucky liked the cat (or really basically couldn't care less about the cat), but our cat was FREAKED over Lucky.

So we made him a little "place" on our back porch, and put up an old baby gate to keep Lucky from his food.  (Did I tell you it's a boy cat (supposedly) - even with the name Fluffy).

I say supposedly, because he is so FLUFFY and FURRY, that I haven't see any evidence of gender.   Anywhoo..........  He comes, he goes.....   I didn't see him for 2 days, and thought he had disappeared, but then there he is at the back door, wanting to come in.

He loves milk, and he is friendly, purrs all the time.

He was pooping in Kenzie's window well, which she didn't appreciate, so Roger D. covered it up with wire, and hopefully he's not doing that any more.

Here's a cute video of Brightyn and Payson with Fluffy.  Brightyn reminds me of that littlest girl on Despicable Me, who gets excited about animals.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Life goes on.........

In the days following Tenzin's death, Landon and Kacey spent alot of time at Zac and CJ's.  This was so much appreciated.  There were still big piles of dirt that needed to be spread, and Landon and Payson helped Zac.  Zac does best when he is busy with a project, so this was a good thing. 
Also, there was Halloween to get ready for on Monday.  We wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the kids.  The theme this year was Mario Brothers.  Everyone helped on the costumes (especially Treyson's "box"). 
Thatcher was Luigi
Even Zac got dressed up as Bowser.  He is always such a sport when it comes to family themed Halloweens with the family.  
Landon and kids, and Blakeley and I walked with them during the Commercial Business Trick or Treat Street.  Everyone was very kind, and gave lots of hugs, but didn't stop our procession, which we were grateful for.  
Treyson and Zac
Thatcher decided he'd had enough of his costume, but Brightyn and Payson stayed in theirs.  Bat Girl, and Storm Trooper !!
Payson is enjoying Pre-school.
Here he is on a field trip to Dinosaur Park

Cam and her Bass guitar.  She is loving it, and goes to practice weekly, and also plays with a group of kids.  
Cam and friends 
Fun times !
Payson and Landon got their deer early Friday morning of the 28th.  If you ask Payson, it is HIS deer !!
This is actually the first deer Landon has ever shot.  Good job !!
Crossfit for Landon and Kacey at West Haven Crossfit is going good.  This morning, they had 28 people show up for the 5:30? class.  Landon and another guy jumped in and helped the coach.  Fun times !!
Cam on Halloween
Manda and Roger D. at the mortuary.
Manda is doing so well at weight lifting.  So proud of her :)
Cam, Manda, MacKenzie, and Blakeley
Our two grand-daughters
Brightyn and Camryn
Payson was sure excited to get a "deer" frame from Grandpa Gary, and inside was a picture of him with HIS deer !
CJ's family
MacKenzie, Christel Jo, Shirlee, Jim, Rylee
And the whole kit and kaboodle
And our kids
Manda, Rog, Gwen, Zac, Landon
And almost all of us (missing Bren and Boy Cam)
Back at Zac and CJ's
It seemed the family didn't want to leave.
It was wonderful being together. 
Landon and Payson at the Property
Spotting Fish
A visit to the cemetery
This will have to do until his headstone is in place. 
Thatcher helping me wash potatoes
And eating No-bake cookies
I think this was on Veteran's Day
CJ found these neat plain white mylar balloons, so the boys could write their love notes to Tenzin. 
We got a cat for a few days
Fluffy was/is his name
He pooped in Grandpa Roger's truck, and in MacKenzie's window well.
He comes and goes. 
Picked up some free carpet for the bonus room above Zac and CJ's garage.
Cousin Brian came home from his Mission !
Aaron, Brian, Erika, Tiana, Colton
Split some wood
Big helper
Put the snowplow on the tractor
Went and saw Little Mermaid at the High School
Abby Fisher was Ursula
Treyson told her what a great job she did !
Shooting Trap
Pulled out the 12 gauge and 20 gauge
Showed the little boys how it's done. 
Even Brian got in on the action and did a great job !
Mighty Shooters
Brian, Landon, Grandpa D, Roger D.
Tagg, Thatcher, Payson, Treyson
Where's Zac?
These two LOVE our kitty

Games on Phones
(usually they get along)
At the bus stop
Playing the mannequin game. 
Wrapping up and displaying a beautiful "deer" blanket that will be for sale at the fundraiser. 
Showing Grandpa Roger how to do "new" Math
Common Core - how we love you !
Setting up for Tenzin's fundraiser - Saturday the 19th
Payson is FOUR !
Grandma Ben had an AWESOME idea !!
Everyone came together and it was a HUGE SUCCESS
At first I was worried (before we got there) that we wouldn't have enough thing s to sell,   THEN after I saw everything that everyone had brought, I was worried that we had too much, and it wouldn't sell......  THEN it SOLD, and between the bake sale and the Donation jar we had set up,  we earned over $2700.00 for the kids.  AMAZING !!!
Waffle Love Truck and the Corn Dog trailer came, and they donated 10% of their sales also.  So thankful for everyone and their generosity.  
It was a beautiful warm day - thank goodness.  
The family kept busy - how can we ever thank them all??
The kids had fun playing on the hill in front of Tractor Supply. 
Tagg and his carmeled apple. 
Thatch loved the corndogs.  They were so good. 

The silent auction was a huge success also.   So many people donated their hard work, or items they had made or purchased, or services they would render.  Over $3500 was earned from this.  AMAZING. 
Tagg and Treyson signed their names on some Browning knives, and kept checking back, and resigning their names.  Finally Cindy Carter put down $50 on each of the knives.............and then GAVE them to the boys.  She is one amazing lady.  Morgan as a whole is UNBELIEVABLE.   
Zac and Thatch
Sunday the 20th, we traveled to West Valley City to attend Brian's homecoming.  Afterwards we gathered at Erika and Aarons for lunch.  Here are Treyson and Tagg with some of Aaron's nephew's kids. 
Brian with Treyson and Tagg.
Love this pic !

And last but not least - our AZ girlies :)
Love our family so much !
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