Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Brother's Memories

I've asked the boys to talk to me about their brother Tenzin, and I recorded their thoughts and words, because I know as time passes that memories fade unfortunately.
Treyson and Tenzin
Have you ever seen such love in a big brother's eyes?

Treyson's Memories of Tenzin:
Words that remind me of Tenzin:  Love, Cute, Baby, Perfect, Elephant, Holding

When he was born it was fun.  I was sad that we couldn't hold him that night.   The next day when I held him, I thought, "Man!, what a teeny baby - I haven't held a baby for a long time!"

When he came home on Friday it was AWESOME.  I was excited all day at school, and could hardly wait to get home to see him.

Everything was different when he was here.  It was fun to hold him instead of playing on my phone.

He was perfect.  He didn't cry, and never woke me up at night crying.

He was perfect.  Mom and Dad said he looked like me when I was a baby.

If I could talk to him now, I would tell him that I love him, and I wish he could come back.

Tagg and Tenzin
Look at those eyes, looking up at big brother :)

Tagg's Memories of Tenzin:

Words I think of:  Cute, Loving, Funny (when he was wearing Thatcher's glasses)

Cutest thing I've ever seen.

The day he was born:  We came home from school, and Grandpa Jim was sitting in the driveway, and told us our brother was coming that day.   "I thought he was gonna be my brother, and I might as well get used to it"  "It didn't take very long to get used to him"

Holding him for the first time:  "He was bigger than I expected, just really cute, wrapped up in a blanket"

First day home:  "AWESOME!"  Mom was sitting on the couch, and I was just surprised !!

What I would want to tell Tenzin:  When are you going to come back?  I'm glad we had this short time together.  It was fun, the time I fed you with the bottle.  I'm sad that you had to leave.

Thatcher and Tenzin
Oh the places they would have gone - together :(

Thatcher's Memories of Tenzin:

Words:  Brother, Love, "So Cute!"

I liked to hold him, and he looked at me.

I love him.  I like feeding him, and I told him, "My name is Thatcher".

A guy came to help him (the man who brought the blue bili blanket)

I wish he would never die, and he could always stay with our family.  I want him to come down here again some day.

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