Friday, April 20, 2018

New Building

Zac and CJ are having a shop built at their place
Beehive Buildings is doing it.
It is pole construction
They bought in trusses, secured them AROUND the poles....
Then a big crane came and lifted them up.

Cement floor in
Steel exterior in progress

Loft area in the back
Trex stairs coming out the back/side of the shop into the yard
Upper Loft area
R for Rich
Such a nice looking building.
Lots of comments/compliments on it.
It looks really nice next to their house.
It took about a month to build.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Baby Goats are here !

Azula had TRIPLETS  - April 10th.
They are all doing so well.
I attempted to bottle feed them.........(one feeding)
But it went south FAST........
We are going to leave them on their mom. 
Funny thing is.............we haven't named them yet !
The brown ones are boy and girl, and the black one is a girl too.
We've had a barnyard full of kids, wanting to check them out.
Brightyn loves the animals most of all
Here she is with Lewis
So fun !
Brightyn says we should name this little girl - Blackie
Lovin' on Lewis
Little boy with Treyson
This is the little girl with the blaze of white down the one side of her face.
Tanja and CJ

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

House Project coming along

Here goes nothing........after 25 years.......
Out with the green carpet
Look at all that dirt under !

Demolition of the tub and shower
Quite the job - it was very very substantial.
The tile workers sure did a great job 25 years ago.

A lot of mess to haul away
Rebuilding the walk in shower
So great to have a plumber in the family !
We got the mirror off without breaking.
It needs to be cut down, and rehung.
We'll see how THAT goes
All plumbed, now ready for sheet rock
Sure with I wouldn't have put that border up.
It was a bugger to get off.

It is a lot easier to do sheetrock when you are 20, than when you are 60 !
Backer board for the tile
Love my tile !
So glad we've got a TILE MAN too !
Covered, ready for Layne to do his last sanding of the drywall taping

Cabinet painted - Stonington(ham?) Grey
Baseboard and Shelving are in
Now it's on to the painting !!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Busy Here...........Busy There

Spring is just around the corner.
Our winter supply of hay ran out, so we had to go and get some more.  While we were getting it in the barn, Miss Piggy snuck out of the barnyard (see her there in the background?)  Then the goats made a break for it !  It was crazy town for a little bit there.  We should start seeing our new baby goats for the year starting April 11th (5 months from when we put the buck in)
Our baby chicks are keeping warm.........even with the unexpected snow storm !
Green frosting for the sugar cookies for "Thanks" Patrick's Day
The boys went bowling with Nana Daw, Grandpa Jim, and Rylee while Zac and CJ were gone on vaca.
We took the older boys down to their music lessons in Layton.  Here's Tagg with his teacher.
Such concentration !
Someone lost a tooth !
Or I should say the dentist pulled it - it was ready to come out !
Utah History Fair - Rocks Rocks Rocks
Miss Brightyn LOVES her Chicky
She accidentally dropped it, and Bandit got it in his mouth until I said LEAVE IT!..........and he did !
No harm, No foul.........haha
Then we went into the barnyard, and she loved on the goaties.
With here LOL Doll
She LOVES them !
Watching Dad compete in Crossfit Open 18.5

I've planted some seeds - they sprouted in 4 days !!
Cucumbers, peppers, spinach, mini pumpkins, gourds, and gigantic sunflowers
On St. Patrick's Day, Tagg and Treyson met a leprechaun at the mall.
Their sleep over and Nana Daws..........
Easter dresses for Bexlee and Brightyn and their cousins........courtesy of Grandma Carol.
Bexlee, Harper, Brightyn, Hadli, Braelyn, ? - can't remember her name
Learning to knit on the loom at Nana Daws

Payson had a program at school - The Kindy 500 (Indy 500), where they all made a "car", and paraded past the parents and grandparents, and around the school (across the United States).  First they had a patriotic program, where they sang 4 songs (one of them is below). It was a great program.  He has a great teacher.

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