Thursday, May 24, 2018

Throwback Thursday

The year we showed the sheep - probably about 1990.
Here we are out on Uncle Don's front lawn, getting them ready for the fair.  The Prescott boys are helping out.  
Oh Lando !
Crazy kid - HAHAHAHAH
1984 at Round Valley Summer Party
We were all so young !!

Manda 4, Gwen 23, Zac almost 3, Roger D 26

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Our Kindergarten Graduates

Back in was hard to believe that these two little ones........
Would be graduating from Kindergarten !!
Payson Freese Rich 
At the Pop's Party with Dad
Thatcher Roger Rich
This picture will probably go down in MY history, as the all time favorite photo of these two kiddos.  Such happiness and joy in their faces.  I LOVE THEM !!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Oh What a Trip (to AZ)

Here we are at the airport, ready to headout.
I can't believe I actually got Rog to smile for a selfie :)
The clouds going down were absolutely STUNNING
Practicing, with Grandma Ben looking on.
Lip chewing - it's what she does (haha)
Two Pooper Scoopers.........
She conned me into doing the "worst" part of the yard !
Beautiful morning
The weather was just right - not too hot !
Cam's busy poop scooping
Relaxing with Zoe
Grandma tried out Bren's upside down machine for spine decompression.
Our girlies
Roger playing FISH with Elle.
At Mitch and Therese's pool
Awesome day
Fun in the sun

Couldn't get Roger D to dip his toesies.......

Mothers and daughters
Therese, Elle, Manda, Cam
Cam and Elle

After breakfast at the American Legion

Eating at Duke's Sports Bar before the concert
At Wasted Grain in Scottsdale
They played songs from THE WHO
If was LOUD and FUN
Love you Cam !!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Before and far.........

Before kitchen
Before - bedroom
(getting a new window)
Painting sucks........
Thank goodness Mom helped :)
Of course during the midst of it all - the water heater and water softener go out....
These are the new ones.
New tile, new paint on cabinets (don't tell me it looks blue), marble in walk-in shower mostly done
Paint done - new shelving/toilet
Modification of cabinets (so new fridge will fit) 
1/2 bath - it's coming along

All counter tops are off
We were going to get rid of the drop ceiling, but decided we could keep it.  I just didn't want to make a bigger job/mess.  Roger was VERY VERY VERY happy with this decision.
Carpet in the bedroom, new window, painting done.
Can lights in.
Sheetrock done, ready for taping.
Carpet out - now we have about a month until the painter comes.
Need to put casings around the windows, pull carpet tack strip, patch holes, and a bunch of other things.
It's coming along !!
Roger D - taking out the window sills (tile) - he's taking it easy on his knee. 
The "Marble Works" guys got all of the countertops in - here's the utility sink. 
1/2 bath
New Granite in the kitchen 
Our bathroom
Entrance to walk-in shower
INside the shower 
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