Friday, September 22, 2017

Our life

Can't remember if I posted this before.  Cameron had hand surgery on a tendon in August.  He just found out the other day that he needs to keep wearing the brace for a few more weeks.  He wasn't too happy about that. 
Tagg and Treyson's first day at school.
4th and 6th grade. 
Getting on the bus
With cousin Blakeley (she's in 9th grade) 
Camryn is still LOVE LOVE LOVING School of Rock
She has another concert on Sunday.  Sure wish we could be there. 
Payson has started Flag football.  Landon is the coach. 
The fist game was kid of rough, when it was his turn to "sit out".  He's found his groove though, and the last two games have gone much smoother.  
Thatch got some new glasses !
Tagg's been to a few baseball games with Nana Daw, Rylee, and Grandpa Jim. 
Payson with his cousins.
Their family spent a overnight up Deep Creek with the Brooks cousins. 
Landon and Kacey worked and played in New York City.
They met up with Hugo (from Peru) while there. 
Brightyn started DANCE and TUMBLING
Such a sweetie
Treyson's watermelon grown in Grandpa D's garden was delicious !!
Here is Payson on his first day of school. 
He catches the bus right in front of his house. 
And Bright has started Preschool with Miss Sophie too !
Lazy bones - sleeping on the couch. 
Treyson went to a movie with Grandma Shirlee
One on ONE time !
Read this - too funny
Grandma Carol shared this on social media
And poor Roger spent a few miserable days in the hospital.
Bacterial Colitis
All the grandkids came to visit him.
Payson and Brightyn here (with the blood drawing man) 
Pipes for the fence at Zac's
CJ's School Picture !!
I thought she'd quit - but she says they won't let her go !!
My new light fixture - finally hung !!
Yeah !!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

China Town Adventure

Last Saturday we had the chance to visit China Town, courtesy ot Steve Peterson.  We piled into two rangers (Zac's and ours)
Treyson and Dillon (Jarrett's son) rode in the back of Zac's
Zac, CJ and Rex, and Blakeley, Tagg and Kacey rode in Zac's ranger
Roger and I took the littles with us in the backseat of ours. 
We went a different way than we had in 2010.
We left directly from Croydon Town.
Be sure to click on the link (2010) above to see fun pics of our last trip to Chinatown
It was cool, so we had jackets. 
Rog wasn't feeling the best, but he was a trooper for sure. 
Eat my DUST !!
Seriously because of the rain, it wasn't that dusty at all.
Oh these three are such FUN !!
Through the rolling lower hills, headed East
Pays caught a grasshopper in his hands - He was so excited !
Hi Brightyn !
Ponds for the cows
We changed places - then it was Nanny Nanny Boo Boo being sung by the littles, as they turned to watch the others in the ranger behind. 
Steve Peterson was our fearless leader in his truck
We started getting higher......
..........and higher.  This view is looking back towards Croydon.  I think if you click on the picture you can see the cement plant. 
Started to see a few quakies
All bundled up. 
The roads were SO NICE
A brand new LAY DOWN fence had been put up for cow control.  It was sure pretty (this coming from appreciative fench builders that we are ;)
Looking toward Echo canyon (running parallel)
This pic was right after Brightyn got hit in the face with some brush, dangit !
Up on top, and headed NORTH to find.......
Here's our crew
Blakely, Payson, Brightyn, Kacey, CJ, Thatcher, Zac, Tagg (with Rex), Dillon, Gwen, Roger D.
Sure wish Landon could have come with us, but he had a class at Weber that he couldn't miss.
There was a lot of HOLDING ON TO KIDS - I was super nervous
Pays and Zac
They loved to throw rocks down into Chinatown.  
Treyson!!  Where did YOU come from ???
He was sound asleep in the back of the ranger while we took the first pic. 
Dillon found the biggest rock to throw.  (See video at the end of this post) 
It was so cold up on top by Chinatown, that we didn't stay too long, but bundled back up and headed down.  
This girlie sat up with me all bundled up for the ride out. 
Roger - hangin' in there with a bad stomach ache.  Little did we know at this point that he would be in the Emergency Room 24 hours later !!
Our Beauty - LOVE HER !!
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