Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gymnastics for Thatch

On the way to Woods Cross (USA Gymnastics) - he has to wear his red glasses, and the appropriate attire.  Thank goodness it was warm !!
He seems to get along well with all of the little boys in the class.
Getting instructions
We were able to sit and watch him.

Excuse the girls in front - they weren't too interested in moving out of the way.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Odds and Ends

I guess Tagg had to get down inside the forms to reach a bolt, and hold it in place so Zac could tighten it up.  He was the only one that would fit !!  Good Job Tagg !!
Erika went to the temple with Mom and Dad
Tanja is watching the boys (and all the dogs - CJ's and her own)
while Zac and CJ...........
Head to Disneyworld !!!
They are having a great time.
Cam had another wedding (another cousin - Josh)
this past weekend.
Here she is with all of her cousins
Beautiful girls !!
Haha - Erika sent me this on SnapChat the other night
I got quite the kick out of it.
Rog and his dogs
Miss Bexlee
This was the day before she got RSV
Hope she gets well soon !!
The kids talked us into getting the trampoline back out.
Didn't take them long before they were having a great time on it. 
Life is GREAT !!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Funny little things

Payson had a great time sketching on this little "pads" at my house.
Loved to see his art !

That's me !
And Sister
And Grandpa
Lola - the dog
Love the tail !
Mom with the baby in her belly :)
So sweet
Dad - What's up with the hair Lando?
He asked me how to spell his name.......
But he said he had Treyson's figured out ALL BY HIMSELF !!

Not sure where her body is......
I think he got distracted. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Baby Chicks - a tradition

Saturday was the day !
New chicks !!

Tagg chose two, and named them Jazzy and Pretty Bird
I just love this picture.
Zac was giving Thatch a bad time, joking around.
I love to see my boys being such good dads :)
Treyson only chose one chick - named him SLAVE (what!??!)
It was warm and sunny, and it's always fun to get the chicken coop all ready to go for the new year. 
CJ brought Rex over, and Bandit was totally taken by CJ.  Mainly becuase she was passing out treats (like candy).  She makes him mind to get one. 
Proud chick owners
Thatcher named his two chicks - Pat and Pam 
Some were big - like the giant one CJ chose.  They named her CRAC (combo between Christel and Zac - haha) 
Payson named his two brown ones, Flighty and Chicky
Brightyn named her two grey ones, Flighty and Brightyn :)
Oh how they love them !

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sweet little baby - a little bit of Jaundice

Basking in the sunlight - trying to get rid of jaundice

Such a sweet little thing.

Just waking up..........
Think I'll just drift off back to sleep.........

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fun Saturday with the LITTLES

Brightyn LOVES Peeps - she takes after Grandpa.
THIS Grandma, doesn't love all..........yuck
Love that smile !
Look Cam ! She's rocking your ceramic puppy you made Pa
Helpers with Sugar Cookies
Relaxing with Pa's tablet
Good Job - Sugar cookies for St. Patrick's Day
This girl LOVES the barnyard animals.
Helping to feed the chickens

AND, she's a great helper in the kitchen...This is her favorite spot, where she can help me stir up things.  Spaghetti's on the docket today. 
Checking to see if it's DONE
YUP !!
This pic is going in ONE OF MY FAVORITES OF ALL TIME
They were laughing so hard
Basically we're brothers.....(check out video below) 
I picked up this PIG (that comes apart) at a garage sale a few years ago.  It's become Brightyn's favorite thing, and she stores all of the animals inside.  
Right before Grandma Carol came and picked them up Saturday evening, I decided I would vacuum and scrub my floor.  These two were the BEST HELPERS !!  Love them !!
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