Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Landon's new venture !

Check out Call Center Crew

Podcasts have become very popular.  Landon is hoping to capitalize on this market, with a specialized focus on Call Centers across the states and overseas.  A lot of hard work has gone into this, and we are very proud of him.  You can support him, by "liking" "sharing" and giving good reviews.  Good luck Landon !

The episode below is the first installment.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Deer Hunting Redux

Headed out last Wednesday afternoon.
The Rich's were fortunate to get an offer they couldn't refuse.
Two beautiful bucks were the result
(Treyson stayed home, he doesn't much enjoy hunting, and didn't want to miss scouts) 
A nice three point
And a huge two point

Sunday, November 12, 2017

First time for Everything !

I have never made homemade rolls
That has changed, and here you go !
My first attempt, and they were great :)
I used this recipe I got out of a small magazine in the mail.
I'm so proud of my self !

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Finally Fly Fishing !!! It happened :)

Last Christmas I gave my guys a combined Christmas gift, of a half day fly fishing event with 801 Flyfishing (Derrick Roskelley, a great family friend).  The first scheduled day to go was March 4, 2017.  Because of the high water all spring and even into the summer, it was postponed time and time again.  Finally on November 4th (8th months later) they got it done !  The day was overcast, and rain was threatening, but it turned out WONDERFULLY !!
He supplied them with waders, rods, reels, flies..........
Derrick and a friend taught them, tied the lines, unhooked the lines, fish (catch and release), and took the pictures.  
Love to get a smile of of this guy !
They all loved it.
They started up in Round Valley on Rees' property, and then also near the high school, just off the walking path.

Friday, November 10, 2017

A little Crazy at Costco

Last Saturday after Payson's ballgame, I made the brave trek to Costco ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  with the littles.  Yes, I am BRAVE !   I made up my mind before I went into the store that I was just going to go with the flow, not be in a hurry, be very very patient, not get upset, etc. etc. etc.   I did ALL of the above, and it was pretty fun.  We walked around the entire store, loaded up with what I needed, went into the COLD COLD coolers (they loved it), and visited every food kiosk at the end of every aisle, and got goodies to eat !   Oh, the traffic, people, noise, fun,.........    
Afterwards in the parking lot
and we had a grand time. 
Love these LITTLES

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sportmanship Award !

While Dad was playing and Mom was working, I took Payson to his basketball game last Saturday.  Just me and the 3 littles.  Fun times.  It was a lopsided game, with the other team scoring 16 points, and Payson's only 5.  He was pretty disheartened, and if any of you know how competitive he is, you can imagine.  Each time another basket was made by the other team, he would grit his teeth, look at me in the stands, and resolutely head to the other end of the court.

At half time, he came over to us, and I thought he would be all dejected, but then he said, "Guess what Grandma?  I know why they are winning...........THEY ARE 7TH GRADERS !!!!"   I got such a kick out of that statement.  Yup, 7th graders playing kindergarteners....... Yup Yup Yup.

At one point after half time, when the other team mistakenly sunk a basket in the wrong goal, he whipped around, face grinning at me, and gave me two thumbs up !  He was STOKED !!

It was a very nice and well deserved surprise when he received the SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD of the GAME.  He totally deserved it.  Such a good kid.   Stay tune in tomorrow's blog post to see what we did AFTER the game !  This Grandma is BRAVE !!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Balloons to Heaven

On October 29th, about 6:30 pm, we gathered at the cemetery.
Wrote notes.........
on balloons................
It was a great time to gather together and remember a sweet baby.

Tenzin's family
All who came
Family and Friends
Cargo Kids
Nana Daw, Grandpa Jim and Treyson
Kenzie and Blakely
2 of my daughters
Always the elephant - sweet reminder.
There they go !

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fun times in October

I just went back through my pictures, and tried to grab some that I previously hadn't posted.  I hope there are no dupes, but there might be.  Here is Tagg on the Homecoming float with his football team.  Can you spot him?  Right in the middle.  You can see the top of his "1" showing.
Treyson helped Porter Hales with his Eagle project, sprucing up the DUP cabin.
Brightyn loves to go with mom and Grandma Carol to get his toes done.
Here she is with Braelyn and Harper.
Landon's pheasant hunt with his inlaws.
Treyson and Thatch after their "procedure" down at Primary's
Shakes make everything better, right?

My friend Sherilee sent me this picture.  It's freezing cold out, and Tagg is waiting for the bus, reading a book IN SHORTS !!  Crazy kid.  
Camryn D - with an Instagram filter.
Beautiful !
Car shopping with Nana Daw.......
WOW, Fancy car !!
Spaghetti night......  can't remember when this was, or why, or where CJ was ?
East Canyon Creek in Fall
Black Island Farm with Grandpa and Grandma Brooks
Stay warm !!
Grandma Carol's annual Halloween Party

So Much Fun !

Pumpkin Nights at the State Fair Park in SLC
Fun times !
Beautiful sun sets
Instructions on how to pass the sacrament.
He did awesome !

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cement and Asphalt

The Asphalt is finished, and good weather prevailed !
Sure looks nice
Zac took work off last Friday, and we help to get the rest of the cement poured. 
We were worried that the rain wouldn't hold off, but it did !
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