Saturday, January 27, 2018

Great picture, not so great game.... For Tagg

Casey, Layne, Roger, Zac
Ryker, Tagg, Thatcher, Treyson

This morning we had an early morning basketball game at 8 a.m. at Morgan Middle School. Tag's team was playing Ryker's team, and got thoroughly trashed, unfortunately, but it was fun to sit there together as a family with Layne and Casey and Grandma Ben came too. She had to leave early to go to another ball game, so I'm really sorry she didn't get to be in this picture. I appreciate all these guys who don't normally like their pictures taken cooperating so that we could get this shot. These times don't come along very often.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sunday Night Pizza

Last Thursday night, we saw Thatcher and CJ over town.  Thatcher says, "Grandma, do you think you could go home and make some pizza and bring it to our house?"  So cute !  Well, we were busy getting ready to go to AZ the next day, so we couldn't do that then, but I promised him that when we got home on Sunday, I would have everyone over for Pizza.  So we did, and everyone came.

Here they are discussing football................
Visiting, watching football on TV, kids playing............
Eating ice cream...........
Payson, Harper, Kolston
Fun on the phone.........
Quite the crew !!
Kolston (look at that face!)
Harper, Payson, Thatcher, Hadli, and Brightyn
Let's see who can hold Hadli !?!
Fun times
Hugs for Grandpa Roger from EVERYONE !!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cam's performance at Cactus Jacks (School of Rock/Led Zeppelin)

Click here to see the performance.   Just watch those fingers fly !! 
Check out more videos by clicking here.

She played in 3 of the songs, Dazed and Confused, Ramble On, and Fool in the Rain

Mitch, Therese, and Elle came (in background)
Bren - we wouldn't be here if it wasn't your support and encouragement of Camryn.
Manda and Cam

She smiles...........She moves........... She plays awesome !!
We would go up to the front when she played.
They also had TV's set up, and we were able to watch all performances from our table.
John and Shirlee Lannefeld were able to come and watch.  They are from Morgan, but down in Gilbert at their condo this time of year.  Sure appreciate the support !!!
It was a GREAT TIME !!
The whole School of Rock crew!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Trip to Arizona to see our girl perform !!

Off we headed - Friday morning about 10:30 am.
Grandma Ben went with us.
I captured a picture of the Grand Canyon !
When we arrived, we were shuttled to the RENTAL CAR PLACE - amazing !!
Our ride was a beautiful Ford Fusion (Hybrid) - of course, we hicks from Morgan didn't know anything about how to start it (push button), open the trunk,  gas tank, etc............  we soon learned !!
Cam and Grandpa
We sat around and relaxed Friday afternoon. 
Nick LOVED Grandma Ben.
She was a sport putting up with him.
Maybe we'll get her talked into a doggie (wink wink)
I didn't get pics of our Friday night meal from Papa Murphey's - but Mitch and Therese and Elle came over, and we had an enjoyable meal, and talked and relaxed.   This picture is of Saturday morning BREAKFAST -  Thanks Manda, it was amazing....... not quite as amazing as Bren's hair............ HAHAHA
Saturday morning, Cam was nervous for her concert..........but we kept her distracted I think, and she didn't have a melt down, thank goodness (haha)
FOUR Generation picture
(No, Manda doesn't have just one leg.........)
Some of Bren's many guitars in his collection..........
And the music room !!!
They are so good together.
Bren and Manda
Me with my Macro Coach !!
I was able to meet up with Laurel Driggs (finally).
She's been coaching me since last April..
We had lunch, and got to know each other a little better. 
Me and Roger D.
(I'll save pics/video from Cam's performance for  another post)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Rich Family Birthday Luncheon

Grandma Ben and Harper
Megan and Joni
CJ and Kacey
Bright and Me
Kaley and Hadders
Little girlies - love them!
Thanks Grandma Ben, for a great tradition !
This time we were celebrating CJ's, Kacey and Kaley's b-days

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Brightyn's 4th Birthday

Grand-daughters are AWESOME !!
Brightyn turned FOUR on January 7th
Everything about her is loving and kind, and when she sees us, she runs to us, and gives hugs, and loves and squeezes.  It makes us feel so loved and wanted and special.   
Happy Birthday Brightyn

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Classic Skating and Fun

Still trying to play "catch up" with my posts.
On Jan 3rd we took the kids to Classic Skating in Layton.
Grandpa helped to hold kids up !
It was great - not crowded at all.
It was early day at school (the Utah kids had started back on the 2nd), so we were there by 2-2:30 and stayed till 4-5.
Treyson struggled, and I wish he would have kept trying.  Tagg finally got the hang of it by the end.
Cam didn't even try.  Her knee gives her problems, and she didn't want to injure it.
The kids used their own scooters...........
Payson was zipping around until he biffed it, then he changed to skates.
Payson and Brightyn brought their own skates too
Bright was really quite good - I guess it's because they have practiced around their home this past Summer.
Payson's really did well with his INLINE skates too, and Tagg (by the end), finally got the hang of it.
The other side of Classic had bounce houses that were a lot of fun !
Up and Down, Over and Under
Run Run Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then of course there were the token machines...........
Fun times, trying to get "tickets"
This last pic is of me and Cam in the airport...........she headed home early on Thursday morning (Jan 4th)
We'll be going down to see them (in Arizona) this weekend !
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