Saturday, July 15, 2017

Haircuts and a few videos - an evening at the Property

It was getting ABOUT THAT TIME, so CJ grabbed her clippers, and we all went down to cool off at the Property one evening.   Haircut time !!   (The videos at the bottom of this post were before the haircuts) 
Mom and Dad (Grandpa and Grandma D) came down also, and relaxed. 
Tagg - before
Tagg After
Grandpa Roger BEFORE...........
And there was no after
(he went the next day or to to Great Clips for the hair, but kept his beard)
Thatcher - before
During...........and I forgot to get and after !
Silly Grandma 
Tallon relaxing with Grandma 
Treyson before
Treyson after

Friday, July 14, 2017

40 years

Happy Anniversary..........
And they said it wouldn't last....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fun in Aunt Claudia's Pool

Last Saturday afternoon, when it was so blasted hot, and we were all SO SO HOT from working in the yard on the sprinkling system, we had the opportunity to visit CJ's Aunt Claudia (Nelson)'s pool.  It was so refreshing !!  We even got Roger D. and Zac in the pool !!
Those boys are fish !
Thatcher is under the water more than he is up out of the water !!
Fun Fun Times
Tagg loves the Diving Board
And only did one belly flop while practicing his diving skills
Helping dad with the squirt gun
Come on Grandpa - let's hit the diving board.
Treyson relaxing and trying to avoid the squirt gun that Dad has commandeered
Hi Grandma !!
Deadly Aim
Dunking Time !!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 4th - I'm a little behind.

I watched the parade with Mom and Dad from the Weber River Bridge (shady side)
Too many people
We took the goats to the Property so that everyone could see them (Mark and Erika)
There was a little tubing.........
Down East Canyon Creek.
Tanja and Jarrett and crew came and had a great time.
There were dogs aplenty !
CJ and Thatcher bring up the rear.
Roger D - dirty from helping on the sprinkling system (post to come)
Payson on the big swing.
He loves it !
Brightyn is a climber :)

Here are some fun videos !!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Goat update

The goats are growing nicely.  Lewis and Clark have gone to their new home at Labs for Liberty.  Marvin and Otis will go to Angie Bryant's home on the Richville Lane about July 22nd.  The feeder Roger and Zac built is working so nicely.  At first, I thought that we had made a mistake in building it, as we were just hand feeding, and couldn't imagine it working.  Little did we know, these are SMART goats !!  Now 3 times a day (down from 4), out we head calling "baby baby", and they come running, and you can hardly walk for tripping over them.  They scramble to get to the bottles as you quickly put them in place.  The boys grab hold, and start sucking for dear life.  The girls do too, but then they quickly tire of "their" nipple, and try to horn in on the boys action.  We have to keep directing them back to their own nipple.  Poor little Otis is challenged (or maybe it's his eye site?) and has to be directed to a nipple every time. 
This little girls LOVES animals.
Clark and Landon
Payson asking a serious question

Sherilee brought her grandkids down to see the goats in action.
Tiff (Sherilee's daughter) and her son feeding Clark.
Mindy brought her crew !
6 goats !!  Enough for everyone :)
The Rose Dairy kids came down.  They are PROS when it comes to farm animals.  Just look at what that good left over milk has produced.
The Gubler girls (and mom) came to check out the babies.  There was MUCH loving going on.
We love to have visitors are our barnyard.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Porter Family Reunion at the Property

Live Band !   Clive Romney and cohorts.  Excellent
Visiting and Eating and Relaxing
Aunt Shanna (Grandma Ben's sister)  and Aunt Anna (the last remaining DIL of  Frank and Emma Porter)
All of the 1st cousins with Aunt Anna
See Grandma Ben on the far left.
These are all Grandchildren of Frank and Emma Porter
Linden's family
Greg, Gina, Elise, Milo, Linda, Norris
Three of Aunt Nona's daughters
Aunt Fern's kids
Vaugh, Renae, Frank, Paul
Grandma Thelma's kids
Uncle Wayne and Grandma Ben 

Clive Romney - is the one who wrote this song !  We asked them to play it at the very end as an encore.

Kids of Frank and Emma Porter
Fern, (MOM - Emma), Nona, Linden,
Thelma, Keith
Emma and Frank Porter
Roger's Great Grandparents
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