Friday, April 29, 2016

Graveside Service

My good friend Phyllis Waldron's son passed away last week, and I was able to go and support her at his graveside ceremony at the South Morgan Cemetery.   The rain stayed away, thank goodness.  It wasn't too cold, and it was a nice service.  After the formal part of the service, they opened the microphone up to whomever wanted to speak, and Craig's Bishop said he thought Phyllis would like to say something, and she did.  It was a short sweet memory of when she and Earl used to take the kids on rides up in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful leaves, while listening to General Conference on the radio, and how Craig and Tami would call her every fall, and they would ride around to see the beautiful leaves, and how much she appreciated this.  I sure love Phyllis, she is such a sweet friend.  My visits with her make me so happy.  She is always upbeat, and happy, and tells the most wonderful stories.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happenings at our House

We have the tomato GROW BOX out, and ready to go for this year.
My front flower bed looks pretty good since I cleaned it up last fall.  The tulips have POPPED more than they are in this picture, and they are just beautiful.  Those pesky little purple hyacinths though........I wish I had never planted them, and that other plant that completely takes over....

Tagg's Scout Potato project such worked good.  He took this bad boy over and planted it in Grandpa D's garden.   I'll have to keep you updated on how it turns out.
Manda sent Camryn's latest school project.  Which was AMAZING !!
This is the picture we took to text back to Cam.  We are sure proud of the good work she is doing.
Another scout project, hanging on our fridge.  A good reminder for us all !
I went down and watched Payson and Brightyn last Friday? morning.  Oh what fun that was.  They are both quite the characters.  Here Payson is making his SCARY face !
Brightyn's SCARY face - haha
And Smiles.............
More Smiles............
Such crazy kids.
A few days later we got Tagg's SCOUT tomatoes in the grow box (not seen here). It was SO WINDY, and we didn't think they were going to make it.  A day later though, and they looked fine.
All bundled up (the tomato plants), with our MINI MASTER Gardener.  I think he's going to take after Grandpa D.
Random Random pic - but it show how great of PICKER UPPERS Payson and Brightyn are.  This was Sunday night.  We had the whole family there visiting for a hour, and it was THE BEST.  I love it when this happens, and it doesn't happen often enough.  I love our family so much.
Crazy weather !!  A hail storm rolled through one day this past week during my lunch hour.  Only on one side of the tramp, because the wind was blowing so much.  This was the lunch hour that I about got hit HEAD ON at the "Y".  I was stopped, and a car coming from Milton turned, and didn't see me.  Was coming straight for me, going really fast (a young male was driving).  I screamed, threw up my hands, and braced for impact, and he did a mighty jerk on the steering wheel at the last minute, and swerved around me.  He couldn't have missed the front end of my car by less than a foot.  I just sat there after it was over, I was shaking so bad.  I didn't have my seat belt on......stupid me.  I would have been hurt for sure, unless my air bag could have saved me.    I need to be better at that.
Manda's home with a newly trimmed tree in her front yard.  Beautiful !!
I screen shot Cam's Instagram posts. 
Here are a few. 
Miss her !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preschool Graduation - Payson

Payson has been coming up to Discovery Time Preschool, taught by his Aunt Kaley here in Morgan.  He and his two cousins, Braelynn and Harper are in the same class. 
He looked so cute, and was ready and raring to perform !
This is after, with his friend Madi.  She is Janessa and Billy's little girl. 
The back row were 4-5 year olds, taught by Teacher Nancy.
The front row were the 3-4 year olds, taught by Teacher Kaley.
This kid was sure a HAM !
My goodness, he was the most energetic, spunky, active, face-pullin', action making kid up there.  Seriously.  He was so cute.  We were in stitches most of the time by his antics.  I think he takes after his dad ;)
See what I mean?
Great Grandparents came, and were super impressed, not only by the program, but by the LENGTH of the program.  30 minutes folks !  IT. WAS. AWESOME. 

Grandma Ben with Payson and Harper
Payson's Poster

With his friend Roman Archibald. 
With the whole Fam Dam.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fun things

I was able to hold an actual gold medal from the 2002 Olympics.
This was won by Derek Parra on this 1500M race.
He spoke with us at UAC last week.  Wow, what an inspiration !
UAC conference was good last week.  Here are a few crazy fellow assessors.
Kris Bell (Emery), Debbie Swazey (Grand), Amy Jo Garren-Clark (Sevier), Julie Medley(Carbon)
Grandma LuAnn on her  79th birthday (April 14th) with some of the great grandkids
Trapper, Kroix, J.P. (back)
Treyson (holding Hadli), Addison, Ridge, Brightyn, Kolston, (sitting on Tagg's lap), Parker
Harper, Payson, Thatcher (sitting in front)
Monday, Grandpa Ben's headstone was set at the cemetery.
Grandma and I were there to watch.
The guy who set it is from Mtn. Green, he did such a good job.
To the left of Grandpa's is Aunt Carol's, and behind (see dirt spot) is Uncle Dale's (headstone not set yet) , and just in back of Grandpa's  (laying flat), is Grandpa and Grandma White's.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cold Productive Day

The sun was shining brightly - but the wind was blowing COLD!  Zac was helping Grandpa D get a new bigger water line from his house to the garden.  The little boys were helping where they could. 
For lunch we went down to the Property.  Landon brought the kids up, and Payson found a WORM !!  He just loves any kind of bug, worm, spider, etc.  He carried it around for a long time.  He wanted to take it home.  Who knows?  Maybe you had better check his pockets Kacey !!  I'm not sure where that worm ended up :)
Diggin' in the sand.  It seems the cold doesn't affect these kids......... much as it does the adults.  We were HUGGIN' the fire !
They love to climb !
We cooked some hotdogs and hamburgers.
The fire felt SO GOOD.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of little Brightyn !
Trying to keep mom warm between us. 
Then it was back to the trenches......  gotta get this project done !
Wow we do good work.
Treyson managed to get his finger cut while whittling.  Of course we had to take the requisite picture !
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