Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fun times - We love Spring !

Barefoot boys - chalk - warm weather
(I don't know why Tagg is so obsessed with drawing wasps !)
Grandma LuAnn is recovering nicely from her total knee replacement (left knee).  She has been staying at Joni's during her recovery.  I think she will be home before you know it.  She starts therapy tomorrow. 
Tagg is helping with the Treehouse construction. He is learning SO MUCH !
Keep it just straight son - you're doing just fine.
(Isn't that a country song ?   :)
Stylin' with his Grandpa Roger shirt.
He picked his outfit out all by himself.
On his way for and lunch date with Grandma Ben.
We took Dad's old mower, bought a new engine, and now are using it on our place.  Roger is in heaven !  Treyson is learning the fine points of mowing the lawn with this type of mower.  Let's just say there is a learning curve involved ;)
Zac was hoping to get a pulley system rigged up to raise and lower the stairs, but it just wouldn't work properly, so he bagged it. 
The backside of the treehouse - Tagg did all of the stapling. 
Even Grandpa and Grandma D got in on the treehouse action !
The treehouse is right next to the swings, so they are getting alot of use.
There goes an UNDER DOGGY !!
We met Landon and the kids up to LuAnn's, where she was staying for the day on Saturday.  Here Payson is enjoying some ROOTBEER MILK :)
Back to the Property, so the kids can try out the treehouse.  
Payson totally loved it, but Brightyn was a little nervous. 
Ying and Yang
Moe and Joe
Love these two!
HIGHER Grandma - HIGHER !!
The wind kept blowing her hair in her face, and she would unhook one hand to brush it away.  There was only one "fall out accident", but she scared Grandma a BUNCH of times!
Whoa baby - hang on !
Oh boy -they could stay here all day I think.
Some serious talk going on.
Landon's trying to talk them into giving up SUGAR !
Zac brought all of the left over pallets down, and we started a fire. 
Then it was back up to the garden to get fencing in place.
We put an 8 foot gate at the back, and a 4 foot one at the front.
Poundin' the POSTS
Keep it straight !
Uncle Norris stopped by, and I snagged a picture of the two brothers.

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