Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cold Productive Day

The sun was shining brightly - but the wind was blowing COLD!  Zac was helping Grandpa D get a new bigger water line from his house to the garden.  The little boys were helping where they could. 
For lunch we went down to the Property.  Landon brought the kids up, and Payson found a WORM !!  He just loves any kind of bug, worm, spider, etc.  He carried it around for a long time.  He wanted to take it home.  Who knows?  Maybe you had better check his pockets Kacey !!  I'm not sure where that worm ended up :)
Diggin' in the sand.  It seems the cold doesn't affect these kids......... much as it does the adults.  We were HUGGIN' the fire !
They love to climb !
We cooked some hotdogs and hamburgers.
The fire felt SO GOOD.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of little Brightyn !
Trying to keep mom warm between us. 
Then it was back to the trenches......  gotta get this project done !
Wow we do good work.
Treyson managed to get his finger cut while whittling.  Of course we had to take the requisite picture !

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