Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preschool Graduation - Payson

Payson has been coming up to Discovery Time Preschool, taught by his Aunt Kaley here in Morgan.  He and his two cousins, Braelynn and Harper are in the same class. 
He looked so cute, and was ready and raring to perform !
This is after, with his friend Madi.  She is Janessa and Billy's little girl. 
The back row were 4-5 year olds, taught by Teacher Nancy.
The front row were the 3-4 year olds, taught by Teacher Kaley.
This kid was sure a HAM !
My goodness, he was the most energetic, spunky, active, face-pullin', action making kid up there.  Seriously.  He was so cute.  We were in stitches most of the time by his antics.  I think he takes after his dad ;)
See what I mean?
Great Grandparents came, and were super impressed, not only by the program, but by the LENGTH of the program.  30 minutes folks !  IT. WAS. AWESOME. 

Grandma Ben with Payson and Harper
Payson's Poster

With his friend Roman Archibald. 
With the whole Fam Dam.

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