Thursday, June 30, 2016

This and That

Almost a crash - another tree fell.  This one caught on one across the creek.  I suppose we'll have to take it out at some point. 
Thatcher was so funny - he was playing with the Adams boys (not pictured), and said, "So guys, I guess you know my Grandpa has metal hips".  There was a lull in the baseball action at the time, and we all heard it.  Got quite a few laughs !!
CJ, Shirlee, Kenzie, and Blakeley
Watching Tagg's last regulation game.
Playoffs start soon, and the Cardinals will be IN IT TO WIN IT. 
Thatch took refuge under my umbrella, playing in the dirt/sand.
Hello - are you in there?

Oh the things he puts up with !
Tagg went to Scout camp this past week.
So did Treyson, but I didn't get a picture.

Payson finished up his baseball season too. 
And this is our little FRIDGE RAIDER...........
West Haven Crossfit Fun
Can you spot our crew??
Thatcher's baseball team mates

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Arizona Girl

Camryn was a counselor at her church camp a couple of weeks ago.  She had a great time.  
Camryn and her cousin Hannah.
Hannah is 16 or 17..........Cam just turned 12.........
They will be in San Diego this week, visiting other cousins. 
Camryn and her friends. 
This girl will be in Utah on Saturday !!
Yahoo !!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Working around the barnyard and house

A week after his surgery, Roger was able to lever himself up on the tractor.  He moved some dirt to a low spot, which was in danger of eroding the foundation of the barn. 
We watched the boys on Friday while Zac worked, and CJ went to SLC with Kenzie to work on house "stuff".  We picked up some paint to paint the little garage with.  
Saturday morning we were back to FARM stuff.  We bought 6 big bales from Wayne Johnson in Mtn. Green.  This should get our goats through the winter.  
Trusty old tractor put them away.  
Grandpa's helper. Notice his new lenses which darken in the sunlight. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

The house is coming along

Zac putting up electrical boxes (with a little help)
Heating and A/C almost done
Decisions made
Wires strung
Noses bleeding 
Soon they will be ready for insulation, then sheetrock

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Haircut Day

Rog gets haircuts about twice a year.  Seriously.
At the end, I'm bugging him almost daily, and I HATE the drives me crazy.  I like his looks SO MUCH BETTER when it's short.  This time, it didn't get TOO long, because THATCHER, who needed a haircut BADLY, wouldn't get one unless Grandpa Roger got one.  So. They. Did. 
Grandpa first. 
Thatcher second.
They had asked Roger if he wanted a round or square neckline.  They asked Thatcher the same, and he said, "the same as Grandpa". 
Because it was Thatcher's first time at Great Clips, he got a shampoo for FREE !
And a prize :)
Good job Thatcher
(getting Grandpa to the barber :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

After the operation - our weekend - Father's Day

Rog came out of surgery at 4:30 pm on Thursday the 16th.  This is Saturday morning at 10:30 am.  36 hours post surgery.
He keeps saying - "This is awesome - I'm not in pain any more !" 

We watched the kids for a few hours Saturday afternoon.  Landon was taking a test at Weber, Kacey was cleaning, and Zac and CJ had to run to Ogden to get electrical supplies.  
These two boys are quite the characters.
What would you caption this picture??  
They gathered the eggs, and I was afraid we would have some broken ones, but they did GOOD !!
Miss Brightyn loves lotion
Sunday morning we went up and got Grandma Ben, and took her up to the cemetery with us to put flowers on Grandpa Ben's grave for Father's Day.  
Tagg went with us, and wrote on the little "blackboard" a Happy Father's Day note to Grandpa Ben.  The purple flower arrangement is what we took from our own flower garden.  It was three different kinds of purple flowers, and they were beautiful !. 
Then Tagg wanted to visit his Grandpa Chris Matthews' Grave.  I had to call CJ, but we finally found it. 

Notes from the boys to Zac for Father's Day. 
Sunday afternoon at the Property.
Playing in the sand.
They made me a bunch of "cakes" to eat. 
Kacey and Landon 
Roger D. didn't miss a beat, and was the cooker as usual.  He's a stylin' in his TED HOSE, and shorts :)
The shirt he got for Father's day from Zac and CJ and family said, "Great Dads get promoted to Grandpa" 
Here are all the DADS at our Father's Day Party.
Aaron, Landon, Grandpa D, Mark
Zac, Roger D. 
We went up to Zac and CJ's house and showed it off to the Bettinson Bunch.
Thatcher, Colton, Tagg, Treyson, Lance
"Congrats to Lance who just graduated from Stanford!!" 
Lovin' the rock pile :)
We have some small tomatoes growing.
These are the ones that Tagg planted from seed in Scouts, way back in March. 
The boys, helping out their dad.
This house project has been fun !
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