Wednesday, June 1, 2016

And it's STARTED !

May 20th - Hole dug by Mark Evans.  He did an EXCELLENT job. 
May 23rd, Bret Kendell and crew formed up the footings, and they were poured AND STRIPPED in a matter of 5 hours.  Amazing ! 
It's always complicated to get the hole dug to the right depth, and figure so many inches for footings, and then foundation on top, and hoping you get your house just the right height that you want it to be as far as the grade, slope of the land, etc. 
Foundation was poured on the 25th, and forms stripped on the 26th. 
On Friday, they worked to get all of the little metal "things" knocked off, so that the "tarring" could be applied. 
Everyone "helps" 
A family project for sure :)
Saturday, holes were dug under the footings, for water and electrical lines to come. 
It's coming along !!

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