Sunday, June 26, 2016

Haircut Day

Rog gets haircuts about twice a year.  Seriously.
At the end, I'm bugging him almost daily, and I HATE the drives me crazy.  I like his looks SO MUCH BETTER when it's short.  This time, it didn't get TOO long, because THATCHER, who needed a haircut BADLY, wouldn't get one unless Grandpa Roger got one.  So. They. Did. 
Grandpa first. 
Thatcher second.
They had asked Roger if he wanted a round or square neckline.  They asked Thatcher the same, and he said, "the same as Grandpa". 
Because it was Thatcher's first time at Great Clips, he got a shampoo for FREE !
And a prize :)
Good job Thatcher
(getting Grandpa to the barber :)

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