Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Day in the Snow

Our first big lasting snow of the season - the boys came over to play in the snow while Zac and CJ finished wrapping up  Christmas presents (I think) - it's been awhile since I blogged, and I can't remember for sure.  I know they brought the boys winter clothes over, and they sure had a great time. 
Bandit LOVES the snow, and loves pouncing on the kids. 
They played out there for quite a while - over an hour for sure.
They climbed the big rotomill hill (no picture), and slid down.
They took my bread tins out, and tried to build a fort. 
When they finally came in, they were soaking wet !!
Look at those red cheeks !!
Thatch was sure proud and happy about the light saber/sword/fighting stick that his dad had constructed for him.  They are ready for Christmas !!!  It was a great day.  

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dickson Family Christmas Party

Abby and Brightyn
Brian, Kuk, and Lance
It was a great time gathering together, in a warm house, with plenty of good food, and fun games.
A lot of us wore Christmas Colors !
Carrie, CJ, Gwen, Kacey
Who's taller?
Tagg or Dax?
one year apart
Ready to eat !
This kid loves to pull crazy faces :)
And this one kept his coat and neck warmer on most of the night - crazy !!
The newlyweds
Abby and Jaden
They just got back from Italy  - lucky !!!
Ready to play QUARTERS !!
Man, these pics are out of order.
Here we are eating.
Love these two !
Quarters aka CLR (Center, Left, Right)
Start with 3 quarters/3 dice each
Who will win?
I think Brian took the first game ($16.50)
and Tagg won the 2nd game (he won last year too!)
This guy ate too much, and sat out the quarter game, trying to get his stomach to settle down.
Payson doesn't like to lose.......
Sometimes games of competition are hard for him :(
Then it was on to Pictionary !!
CJ and Abby cheering Team #1 on

TON OF BRICKS.............really?
A great time was had by all !!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Rich Family Christmas Party

Saturday we gathered at the bowling alley.
Layne's family was in charge, and the main food was different kinds of soup.
It was great !
After we ate, the bowling began.
These things are so fun for the little ones.
Our grandkids, and Joni's grandkids were on the far left lanes.
Landon got in on the action.
The kids sure enjoyed themselves.
Grandpa enjoyed watching.
Brenda and her gang
Taylor, Kayla, and Logan (Lynn's grandson)
Karli, Ali, and Taya
Nathan and Jocelyn
Casey throwing it down.
Parker and Addison
Nathan's little one and her mom
(Can you tell I can't remember names?)
Green cookies !
Candy bars for Strikes !
Grandma sure has a bunch of posterity !!
She bowled too, and had a great time.
The "cool" table
Johnny, Chans, Sawyer, Tausha, and Megan
Trapper, Johnny, and JP
Payson and Thatch
Brightyn and Kolston
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