Friday, August 18, 2017

Concert Memories

The first concert I ever went to was at the Salt Palace
when I was about 13? years old.

 It was Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. They sang "Billy Don't be a Hero" - I think it was their one hit wonder (haha). I think (pretty sure) - Christine Nelson Tyrel's mom took us, and Teresa Bond went too (I think).

I didn't see another concert until I went once with Roger before we were married 75-76.......... Can't even remember who we saw. Except I remember smelling Marijuana for the first time at the concert. Dang!?! Who was it? I have no idea...........I'll have to ask him. It was at the Salt Palace too. That is the only venue for concerts when I was growing up. Probably the one I remember most, and loved the most was Eddie Rabbit, in the rain, at the State Fair Park. Manda was only a few months old (April to Sept), and we sat in the grandstand, and listened, and sang, and when he played I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT, it was so awesome because it was raining. There was a couple in front of us who were making out so hot and heavy they had to leave.......... wow !

Early in the 80's we went to 2-3 Alabama Concerts with the Rich's. One was at USU in Logan (The Spectrum?) They were great. Alabama was AWESOME !!

I went to 1-2 Sawyer Brown concerts with Annette in the late 80's early 90's. She was a PRO concert goer, I was not.
Another fun one was Billy Dean at the Dee Event's Center (I think) - Annette and I went and had a great time. Early 90's. I think I got the tickets, something to do with the Utah Association of Counties. We took our moms (Veloy and Colleen) and they sat up in the stands, and we were down on the floor, and then we surged forward (Annette was a pro at doing this), and we ended up right in front of the stage. I remember his guitar player flicked a pick at me (I still have it), and I put my hand on Billy's thigh, and he put his hand on mine...... I remember being nervous that we were going to get trampled and crushed against the stage, and reaching under the fabric on the front of the stage platform and making sure there was a place for me to get to if I needed to.
When Pam Turner was on the Utah State Fair Board, 90-95 era, she had TONS of tickets, and gave them out like candy to us girls in the office. Me and Rog alone, and with the kids got to see Collin Raye (he previewed THAT'S MY STORY for us) AWESOME !!!!!!, and Suzy Boggess, and Diamond RIO AWESOME!!!!!!, and a few others that I can't remember. They were fun times !!!
In my later years........... I've see the Nashville Tribute Band a couple of times (LOVED IT) (once at Tuachan and one at Morgan High) and Collin Raye once again for a fundraiser and Morgan High School for Brennen Trussell.
I wish so badly I would have taken advantage of going to an EAGLES concert (when they got back together).

*I've been writing a bunch of different memories (maybe I'll share some more on this blog) - Ann Cannon (LaVell Edwards' daughter) who is a writer for the SL Trib, and who I follow on FB, sends out a "subject" every day or so.  I stop what I'm doing when I see it, and WRITE.  It's been awesome :)    

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jaden and Abby's Reception at the Property

Jaden and Abbry were married in Yosemite National Park on 5/16/17
They celebrated with a reception at the Property last Saturday (8/12/17)
I wanted Manda and family to be able to see how cute it turned out.
Here are some pics. 
Yummy Ice Cream Sundae Bar
(No foul ups this time with a soft serve dispenser)
They had a yummy "dinner" of exotic cheese, grapes, tortellini salad, watermelon/cantelope spears, and mini panini hamburgers.  
This is Carrie's mom and dad and sisters (Shelly and Emily)
(brothers not there) 
Some of the boyos
It was a nice relaxing evening.
The food and decorating were great ! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fun sleepover with Payson and Brightyn

Payson learned a new skill!
Jump up and GRAB THE RIM !!
One time he even managed to get his feet up inside the rim (he said LOOK GRANDMA!) , but I was too late to get a picture, and I didn't see him actually get up there (only the finished accomplishment), and I think it was kind of a surprising accident.

He tried at least another 100 times to get up again.........
And became very frustrated when he couldn't :(
Meanwhile, this girlie was busy snuggling, squeezing, (mauling) our new bunny.
I think his name is Frisby? Bisby? Something like that.
He is a very calm bunny, and doesn't scratch and try to get away (most of the time).
Just look at her face!  Can you hear the squeal? 
This girl loves animals, more than anyone I know.
This bunny doesn't know what to think :)
Loves and hugs........
.......and belly rubs.........
Pays even got in on the action when he took a break from the tramp.
Lucky says, "I want kisses too"
"And belly rubs"
We took a ride in the Ranger
SUCH a fun thing to do.
Down Morgan Valley Drive.........
Across the Lane..................
Back around Hwy 66.............
Picked up a couple of extras, to come for the sleepover :)

Check out the fun videos below !!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Girl Rocks !

Our Camryn Dee
8th grader
Bass player extraordinaire !
She played at The Improv in Tempe with
other classmates from School of Rock
She was the youngest (in her group)
She was the only girl (in her group)
She was AWESOME !!
Marvin, Jessica, Manda, Bren, Therese (and Mitch and Elle)
Went to support her.
So so wished we could have been there........

Click here to see video

Monday, August 14, 2017

80th Birthday Celebration

On July 29th - My Dad's birthday, we had a party to celebrate both he and Mom's birthday (Her's was August 8th).  They both turned 80.    It was fun to set up a display table, documenting (partially) their lives)  
One side was Dad's, and Mom's the other.
They met in the middle.
Such a great time gathering these things..........thinking of things to gather........  What a great thing it was.  
Beautiful cake !
Some of Dad's old friends
A wonderful time was had by all who attended.
Love you Mom and Dad !
Here are a few pictures taken that day.
Mom's girlies.......
The girls are sure out numbered by the boys (Grandkids and great grandkids) 
Four generations
Camryn Dee (great grand-daughter), Gwen (daughter), Veloy (Mother), Amanda (Grand-daughter) 
Grandma D and Brightyn
Dad with my boys
Four Generation Picture
Landon (Grandson), Lee (Father), Gwen (daughter), and Brightyn and Payson (Great Grandchildren) 
Our Family here on earth
Erika, Lee, Veloy, Mark, Gwen
My Sibs !
Roger and Gwen's family
Our Grandchildren
Our Children
Zac and CJ and boys
Landon and Kacey and kids
Bren and Manda and kids
Thatcher, Treyson, Payson, Camryn Dee, Brightyn, Tagg, Cameron
Our beautiful daughter, and her beautiful daughter
Bren and Cam
Happy Couple
Married almost 6 years 
Happy Couple
Married almost 14 years 
Happy Couple
Married 7 years
Yes, they are cuties :)
Three T's 
Cam and Cam
All because two people fell in love........
40 years baby !!
Treyson Lee
Camryn Dee
Tagg Zachary
Thatcher Roger
Boy Cam :)
Payson Freese
Brightyn (Sunny) 

Thank you Dad and Mom for EVERYTHING 
Me and Kuk with Mom and Dad
Love my Dad !
Love my Mom ! 
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