Thursday, June 30, 2016

This and That

Almost a crash - another tree fell.  This one caught on one across the creek.  I suppose we'll have to take it out at some point. 
Thatcher was so funny - he was playing with the Adams boys (not pictured), and said, "So guys, I guess you know my Grandpa has metal hips".  There was a lull in the baseball action at the time, and we all heard it.  Got quite a few laughs !!
CJ, Shirlee, Kenzie, and Blakeley
Watching Tagg's last regulation game.
Playoffs start soon, and the Cardinals will be IN IT TO WIN IT. 
Thatch took refuge under my umbrella, playing in the dirt/sand.
Hello - are you in there?

Oh the things he puts up with !
Tagg went to Scout camp this past week.
So did Treyson, but I didn't get a picture.

Payson finished up his baseball season too. 
And this is our little FRIDGE RAIDER...........
West Haven Crossfit Fun
Can you spot our crew??
Thatcher's baseball team mates

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