Monday, June 13, 2016

The house is progressing !!

This is the CRAWLER aka Crawlspace.  Nice and cool on a hot summer day. 
This is the entry into the crawlspace (from the garage)
The markings on the crane said it was 95 feet in the air.
Now a days (compared to when we built in '86 and '93) - all trusses are put up by a crane.  They were delivered in a big stack, and the framers separated them.  Each truss was marked for specific placement.  These were all put up on Friday night (10th). 

Next morning the framers were back ready to finish it up.  Eduardo has about 6 on his crew. 
All of the kids were great help today, with little things.  That is Taylor, Grandpa D, and Tom Guffey in the background. 
Tagg must be tired !
Taylor presented an option for laying out of the heat ducting. 
From the rear of the house.
The framers were there by 7am, and worked in good weather until 11am, when it started to rain.  They kept on working!  Then it cleared off, and was good until later in the day, when it started raining again. 
Saturday (11th) was a busy fun day.  I think these boys will remember this for the rest of their lives.  I can remember when MY house was built, when I was 6 years old.  It's exciting times !!
Down in the crawler - out of the rain.
We hung out and watched Zac and the boys work.
Zac wasn't feeling the best.  He had a headache, but he just kept going. 
Tagg was a big help.
He was a GOFER -  going for this and that. 

The framing continued !
Zac was paying the kids 5 cents per nail, for all of the nails they picked up.  Tagg made a little chunk of change :)
Soldering the pressure valve.
The sun came back out in the afternoon. 
Discussing the hearth for the wood burning stove. 
Hearth all done.  
Framing all done - or at least 99.9% 
Clean up on aisle 1310...................
Getting creative with the glue. 
Working together 
Mom and her boys 
From the family room/kitchen, looking towards the front of entry (and pantry and mud room)
Looking toward the boys bedrooms
Getting the kitchen laid out
Drilling for the plumbing

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