Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Roger's bi-lateral total hip replacement - TOMORROW !!

This is what will be inside of Roger's new hips.
Yes - that was plural
Bi-lateral means BOTH HIPS
The pink part is a ceramic ball, which moves smoothly inside the plastic socket.
He will no longer be in PAIN - YEAH !!!
This is the kind of table he will be on for the surgery. 
The dotted line is the OLD WAY they used to cut them open, but he will have the ANTERIOR approach, which is where the arrow is pointing.  This is much better, and less invasive.   Watch the video below.  It is very very interesting, and not "real", but a demo only.  
Click here to see a video animation demonstration (not bloody - super super interesting)

Below - is another animation of the surgery that is more detailed.


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