Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Day at the Property

A little FISHIN'

And Gabbin'
Treyson hung by Colton's side the WHOLE time......  Not sure how Colton felt about that :)
We cooked a LATE LATE breakfast, after the Memorial Day Program at the Courthouse.  Kenzie and CJ manned the pancakes and bacon, and struggled to keep the griddles hot enough.  Grandpa and Grandma D were busy trying to cook some bacon on the gas grills that weren't cooperating, Grandma LuAnn handled the scrambled eggs very easily.  We eventually got everyone fed.  It was GOOD !

Littles in the Sandbox. 
We only had one argument over a JEEP. 
Usually Thatcher and Pays get along really well, but this time, there was some yelling and tears.  Thanks to Great Aunt Erika who saved the day.

Tagg - I'm HUNGRY !! 
When can I have some BACON BACON BACON !!
Mama's girl..........

Daddy's girl..............

Grandparents relaxing in the nice warm sun.
Swing Swing Pretty Girlie
We want an UNDER DOGGIE !!!
Payson and his rope.
Down from the treehouse
It's quite high.

More Swings
Different Swingset

Crazy Kid Rich
Our Family
Gwen, Erika, Mark
Dad, Mom
Tiana purchased a new car from Young Ford in Morgan.  She brought it back to show us later in the day.  It is a cute cute Ford Escort.  LOVE the color.  She was so proud and happy.  We are happy for her. 
And then CJ and Kenzie decided that they would sleep OVER NIGHT !!

Hot dogs for dinner !

Tagg and Grandpa Jim
Tagg has changed into his jammies in preparation for the sleepover.
Thatcher performing Tudy Tah - see video below 

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