Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fun times !

T-ball is still in full swing.  Thatcher has games on Thursday nights, and Payson has games on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We try to get down to at least one game a week in West Haven.  Landon is the coach of Payson's team. 
Thatch loves to ham it up for the camera.
I bet he had me take 20 pics of him this day :)
One right after the other !
A thoughtful pose :)
Thatcher lost his nail finally.
A couple of weeks ago he got it slammed in Nana Daw's car door.
It turned purple, had a hole drilled in the nail to relieve the pressure, and finally lost the nail. 
The CRAZY ICE shack is OPEN !
I took these kids there last Friday night.  Zac and Rog and CJ were busy involved with the house, so I offered to take the kids over to Tagg's coach pitch baseball game.  This was a pre-game snack !
They came back for the win................  I don't think I've ever seen him SO SO SO excited !
He was LITERALLY jumping for JOY, telling his mom and dad about it. 
Grandma's flowers are looking good.  She's headed out to San Francisco (Palo Alto) this weekend with Tiana for Lance's graduation from Stanford.  
Down at the Property - we hung out, worked, had lunch.
Landon is setting up the boards to back up the ditch for the littles. 
They had alot of fun with the squirters. 
Love them SO much !
See in the background?  Zac and Grandpa D and Roger worked hard to get the dang sprinkling system up and running.  It seems the air gets in the line all of the time, and it is a struggle.  Landon mowed with the new weed eater. 
Tagg finally jumped in the creek...........but not from the BIG STUMP. $10.00 yet (haha)
A little fishing was tried, with no luck.  
Landon kept getting snags, and took off his shoes to wade in and unhook the spinner. 
I thought we were going to have a couple of "fall ins", but we didn't. 
Another snag - this time, Treyson unhooked it !
Brightyn wanted in on the action !
Payson wanted to try out the bridge, but was a little leery, for which I was glad !
We kept an eye on the building going on up at Zac's house. 
Zac took some time out to float the creek with the boys.  It was very very slow.  Hopefully they will let out more water soon, from East Canyon Reservoir. 
Poking a dead fish I think.  
What a great Saturday we had.  

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