Monday, June 6, 2016

Building a house - board by board............

Tamping down the backfill in the garage, in preparation for garage floor to be poured (6/1/16)
Running all of the underground lines 
Three different trenches - one to the back of the property for water hydrant/electricity
One to the front power pole for electricity from Rocky Mountain Power.
The little boys helped - they were under a time crunch, Mark Evans was backfilling right behind them.
The third trench was to the water line in the SE corner of the lot.  I was a nervous wreck about this one because it was so deep and I was afraid the trench would fall in on Zac.  Tears shed on this one !
Putting down the Visqueen before they sprayed the gravel in the crawlspace.
Gravel sprayed in Crawlspace 6/2/16
There is usually a "crew" there - inspecting :)
Gravel in the garage. 
Garage floor poured (6/3/16)
Hot Hot Hot - trying to get the temporary electricity lines all laid out, and run over to Grandpa's shop for power for the framers who are coming tomorrow.  We had quite the tangled mess with one of the black wires, but Roger and CJ's patience paid off, and we were able to proceed.  While Zac was getting this finished (quickly), he got shocked !  It brought him from kneeling position, to standing, and then back on to the ground.  Scared CJ and Roger, but he ended up okay.  Glad I wasn't there ! 
6/4/16 - Framers start.
The plan guy goofed up big time.  They had told him over and over and over - 9 foot walls, but when he did the plans, he left it off, so Wheelwright Lumber delivered for 8 foot walls.  Zac discovered this snafu Friday night, and they were able to switch out the lumber early Saturday morning.  
Two little boys - checkin' things out. 
The gravel pile is great fun to play on while watching the framers. 
After the framers left for the day (Saturday night) - we proceeded to inspect. 
All of the outside walls are standing except the North wall.  They will be back on Monday 6/6/16 to finish it up to square, and put in the inside walls.   

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