Friday, April 29, 2016

Graveside Service

My good friend Phyllis Waldron's son passed away last week, and I was able to go and support her at his graveside ceremony at the South Morgan Cemetery.   The rain stayed away, thank goodness.  It wasn't too cold, and it was a nice service.  After the formal part of the service, they opened the microphone up to whomever wanted to speak, and Craig's Bishop said he thought Phyllis would like to say something, and she did.  It was a short sweet memory of when she and Earl used to take the kids on rides up in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful leaves, while listening to General Conference on the radio, and how Craig and Tami would call her every fall, and they would ride around to see the beautiful leaves, and how much she appreciated this.  I sure love Phyllis, she is such a sweet friend.  My visits with her make me so happy.  She is always upbeat, and happy, and tells the most wonderful stories.  

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