Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fun things

I was able to hold an actual gold medal from the 2002 Olympics.
This was won by Derek Parra on this 1500M race.
He spoke with us at UAC last week.  Wow, what an inspiration !
UAC conference was good last week.  Here are a few crazy fellow assessors.
Kris Bell (Emery), Debbie Swazey (Grand), Amy Jo Garren-Clark (Sevier), Julie Medley(Carbon)
Grandma LuAnn on her  79th birthday (April 14th) with some of the great grandkids
Trapper, Kroix, J.P. (back)
Treyson (holding Hadli), Addison, Ridge, Brightyn, Kolston, (sitting on Tagg's lap), Parker
Harper, Payson, Thatcher (sitting in front)
Monday, Grandpa Ben's headstone was set at the cemetery.
Grandma and I were there to watch.
The guy who set it is from Mtn. Green, he did such a good job.
To the left of Grandpa's is Aunt Carol's, and behind (see dirt spot) is Uncle Dale's (headstone not set yet) , and just in back of Grandpa's  (laying flat), is Grandpa and Grandma White's.

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