Saturday, April 16, 2016

No stranger to Tree Houses

1992 - We (Zac and I) built a treehouse down at OUR property (not to be confused with THE PROPERTY).  Rog helped a little bit, but it was mostly Zac and I as I remember.   It had six platforms, that we placed strategically in a great old tree next to the creek.  Those platforms, were actually FORMS that my dad (Grandpa D) had built to form up a headgate for our 13 acres when we put in the new fangled watering system.  After the cement dried, and the forms were removed, that is when we repurposed them for the treehouse.   In this picture above, there is Zac (almost 11 years old), Jared, Cody, Landon (4 years old), and probably Tom Rich.  What fun we had building this, and hanging out down at the creek.  If I remember correctly, we even slept down there a few times.    Eventually, we abandoned our play area, due to a few different factors.  The "city" kids from the nearby subdivisions across the creek, and in Morgan City would come over and trespass and vandalize things.  Also, the REAL PROPERTY became available to use (Year 2000), and we started concentrating all of our efforts over there. 
Over at the NEW PROPERTY, we put the forms back together again (which we had taken down from the platform treehouse), and made a PLATFORM next to the creek to swing off of. 
Oh the fun times we had (and still continue to have).  The platform lasted for quite a few years, and then we built a new one out of metal and trex, and I think the platform pieces which were sorely used and abused went on the burn pile. 
In the mid to late 90's (after we  abandoned the first treehouse), Zac built a 3-story tree house in the big old boxelder tree out by our barnyard.  It was a mixed up mish mash of plywood, pallets, and 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's.  I don't think I ever climbed up in this one.....(maybe once).  You know, it seems the fun of a treehouse, is usually the BUILDING of it.  Once it's finished, it's time to move on......  This treehouse was eventually torn down and burned, and now the tree and milkhouse (in foreground) are gone too.  Time marches on. 
2016 - Twenty year later, the idea for another TREEHOUSE was born.  This time Zac's KIDS get in on the action.  First Zac brought home a bunch of pallets from different job sites.  The idea was to pull out all of the nails and re-use the boards. 
It soon became apparent that this would be impossible, and so a sawsall was used to bypass the nails/staples.  
There were many trees at the Property to choose from, and this one was best. 
Zac attached those big 2 x 10's with special bolts, that will move with the tree as the wind blows the branches/trunk.  Then the 2 x 6's were laid across for the floor joists. 
A little bit of scary stuff going on......  Zac was out on this ladder a few times.  This just happened to be the time that Roger D. was helping out.  
Tagg learned how to staple the used pieces of pallets as siding over the plywood. 
Back Deck
Inside of the house
Helping to get it straight.
At first Zac was going to try to get the steps to lower and raise, but couldn't get the pulleys to cooperate.  This picture shows the stairs, and the front deck. 
A view from up top, looking East towards Mom and Dad's house. 
A view looking South and at East Canyon Creek. 
The stairs aren't too steep, and the rope railings work out great. 
As you come up the stairs, you come upon the decking, surrounding the treeitself, which comes up through the floorboards. 
Inside the treehouse
Looking out the window (see below)
Grandpa and Grandma came up, and pronounced it AWESOME !
The little ones playing on the tree (up in the air)
An overview.  Wow, they are going to have so much fun !

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