Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pinewood Derby Time

The boys and mom and dad (and Thatcher) - worked on their cars.
Tagg wanted a Cheetah designed.  Mom helped him a little with the painting. 
It helped that we had Grandpa D's scale in order weigh them just right.  
The derby was held in Jack Harris' "barn"  which is located in Porterville, near Grandma Ben's home.  What a beautiful place. 
All of the leaders were outfitted in racing shirts, courtesy of Brother Harris.  We all felt welcomed. 
There was a "snack bar", set up like an old time diner/soda shop - how fun !!
The boys had their cars, and the racing began.  
Grandma Ben came with us - her first outing out of the house after her operation.  We were so glad she came.  She was there to watch Tagg, Treyson, and J.P.   Joni and Kerry and grandkids were there too.   Also, Grandma Shirlee.
After many heats - Tagg and Treyson ended up racing each other !
Before the race - May the best car win !
There is Thatcher, right down there watching the action.  

After all was said and done, Tagg took 1st place, and Treyson took 3rd.
Here they are with Brother Harris and one of his fancy cars. 
Way to go boys !!

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