Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I guess we are Goat Farmers !

On May 2nd, France had her twins.  Two baby girls.

They seem to be doing very well.

Meet "Disappear", named by Payson.
We will call her "Dissy" for short.

Thatcher named this one.
He started out with "Shadow of Darkness"...... and then changed to "Darkness of the Forest".  So I guess we'll call him Forest :)  Run Forest, RUN !!

Good old Billy
CJ would not refer to him this way.  He is getting pretty frisky, and was trying to butt her and knock her down that day she came out to see the twins.  Scared her a bit.  We are going to have to watch him around the kids.  He's such a friendly goat though.  Much more than the others.

Yesterday, we had a BARNFUL of kids and moms, coming to see the new babies.  I'm so glad Kacey and Kaley and Brittney brought their kids up.  It was so much fun.
Oh how they LOVED LOVED them.

And now this morning (May 4th) - we wake up to another set of TWINS !!
Paris was hanging out in the barn alone last night, and we knew she was close.  Sure enough this morning right before I headed to work, I walked out and there were two new babies.  One dark, one light.  I guess Brightyn better get her thinking cap on, it's her turn to name a baby goat !

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