Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Baseball

It's that time of year again!
Landon is the coach of Payson's team in West Haven.  Payson is one of the youngest on the team, but he holds his own.   Parker Rich (Jared and Shaina's son) is also on the team.  I really like the way they have it set up down there.  They play two times a week, and the first 1/2 hour is practice, and the second 1/2 hour is playing the game.  They coach pitch the ball, and if they haven't hit it after 5 times, then they bring out the "T" to set it on.   Love it !
Concentrating so hard after arriving on base !
Sister is a supporter...........sometimes reluctantly (haha).  See those big grassy hills in the background?  We made it over to them, and she ran up, rolled down, found a friend, and had a great time playing there.  
In line, waiting their turns.  Payson (with his hands in his mouth), and Parker, turning around to look at this "strange lady" who called his name (haha).
Thatcher plays T-ball, and is on the Yankees team this year.  Here he comes!  Running to third base.  All Smiles. 
Good job - give me FIVE !
Joe Rees is Thatcher's coach, and they play every Thursday night at the Rec Plex. 
Grandpa D, Grandma D, Grandma Ben, CJ, Zac, Grandpa Roger
And last but not least !
Friday nights are Tagg's ball night.
Practicing before the game. 
After a rough start last year, this year may prove to be the turning point !
Tagg went THREE for THREE !!
Great shot of him here, running for home.  I'd say he's pretty LIGHT on his feet :)
Playing Third (he also played short) 
And of course, MY favorite position - Catcher !!
Lovin' us some BASEBALL :)

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