Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Park City Mountain Meltdown

Last Friday night we met Landon and Kacey in Park City at Kimbal Junction, where we stayed at the Best Western Landmark Inn.  Kacey and Keysto and 4 kids were in one room, and way down the hall were Landon and Kacey and two kids, and way down the hall were Roger and I.  Needless, to say, there was a lot of running up and down the halls ;)  
Unfortunately, the swimming pool was closed for renovation, and of course the kids were SO SO excited to swim. (They had worn their suits ALL DAY LONG !!  But fortunately, the hotel had made arrangements for their guests to swim at another facility, and so we went into Prospector Square area of Park City, and went to the Silver Mountain Spa/Resort.
We were in a pool that wan under a BUBBLE, and let me tell was NOT very warm.  Of course the kids weren't bothered by it, and Payson, Kroix, and Harper were running around, and having a great time with Landon and Keysto.   I hung out with Kolston and Bright, and we hovered over a vent on the bottom of the pool that was seeping out warm water.  Brightyn was shivering, and her lips were turning blue, but she didn't want to get out !
The hotel had an AWESOME breakfast the next morning, and we ate our fill before heading to the Olympic Park for the Park City Mountain Meltdown.   This was an event that Landon, Kacey and Kaley would be competing in.  It combines a 5 K run up a mountain, with different "stations" to stop and do Crossfit workouts. 

Me and Hadli - she is such a cutie !
Payson -  the MAN !!
Hanging with Dad

This hotel certainly catered to DOGS!!  They were everywhere.  I've never seen so many at a hotel.  Of course, Brightyn LOVES LOVES LOVES doggies, so she had to say HI !
I made paper airplanes for the kids to keep them entertained.  That was a big hit. 
As we headed up the to the Olympic Park, which wasn't too far from the hotel, it was about 10:30 am.  Their heat was scheduled to start at 11:30 am.

They got all checked in, and ankle bracelets were attached to monitor their time.

We were quite the crew as we walked across the parking lot.  We were some of the FEW contestants who had brought their families.  I say, if you can't make it a family affair, you are missing out !
Grandpa and wasn't too cold, and jackets kept us plenty warm.

Keysto and Kaley and kids
There was a FUN FUN rope course/playground set up for the kids, and they had so much fun climbing, and playing.  Payson is very cautious, but I have to say, he takes his time, gets in there, and doesn't give up !

Look at those SMILES !!

"Look at me Grandma" !!!   I heard this over and over :)
Brightyn was content to climb around  the fences.  She was smiling the whole time.  All of the kids were GREAT !!
These three were ready to go !  See the backpack on Landon's back?  It contained a 20 pounds cinderblock !!!!!  That was because he signed up for the "GNARLY" event !

These are the WODS that they had to do at the different "stations".
This is the rope course/playground area where we hung out before and during the "run".  There are Keysto and Roger and Kaley. 
One of the fun "rides"  HANG ON !!!
Payson climbed up on this ONE TIME, and they it made me so nervous, I didn't let him climb up again !
Joni and Kerry came with Ridge and Trapper, and we all hunkered down to wait.  Kerry bought some fries, and we busted out the juices, and we just had a great time sitting there.  When the sun would peak out it was quite warm, but when it went behind the clouds, and the wind blew, there was quite a chill in the air. 
I totally stole these pics off Facebook from West Haven Crossfit.  See Kacey and Kaley in the background doing the box jumps ??  That might be Landon also in the back, can't tell for sure.
These pics are totally out of order, but this is at the very end, where they have to pick up the "log" and run with it for a distance.  Kaley is in blue.  Kacey is still doing the rope climb at this point.
This was in the middle of the race, they are running down the Bobsled run.

I marked in RED where I think they went, but I'm not for sure.  The blue circle is where we hung out and waited and the kids played.  Click to enlarge !
There's Lando !!
And Kacey in pink in the back
Here comes Landon down the Bobsled Track
And almost done !!
Landon made it in 55 minutes, and the girls came in at 1 hour.
I think Landon said he was 17th overall.
Not sure about the girls, but they were sure smiling when it was over, and really didn't even appear that it had killed them.  I was so impressed !!

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