Monday, May 9, 2016

Catching Up

The ducks have gotten so BIG.  We've pulled out the two baby pools, and fill them with water.  It doesn't take them too long to get them both filthy dirty.  They are not very friendly unfortunately.
This pic was taken when Brightyn and Payson slept over a week or so ago..  Early morning PANCAKES, and silly faces.
This marble game is getting a lot of use lately.  I wish we had more pieces.  I bought it years ago, from Discovery Toys, and as I recall, it was pretty pricey ($30.00 in the 1980's). 
I got the kids dressed for church before their parents came and picked them up.  These two are sure cute twinners :)

The baby goats are growing and growing.  Thank goodness they are all well this time, and we didn't lose any.
Brightyn loves the chickens.  She runs around, and squeals, and laughs and laughs.  It is so fun to watch her.
Here is Paris, with her new babies.  I think we've decided to name them Oreo and Snickers (or Snickerdoodle).  This is right after they were born.
Payson holding Snickerdoodle.  He is such a pretty little goat.  Such beautiful markings. 
Christel and MacKenzie with Oreo and Snickerdoodle.
Treyson finally dredged up the courage to pick up a CHICKEN !!  Yeah Treyson !!
The other night, Landon came up with his kids, and Kaley's kids, and we hung out.  The swing was fun !  I sang my song about the mean clown who lived under ground, and who was going to drag them down...........and then Thatcher had a bad dream that night, so I guess I won't be singing THAT song any more (haha)

MacKenzie and Blakely brought the kids some neat things back from their vacation. 
I already posted about this on Facebook, but Thatcher and I went to Costco on Friday morning while CJ had to run some errands.  We had a good time, sampling all of the samples, and getting our groceries.  We were walking along, and he asked me, "Grandma, was I hatched out of your belly, or my mama's belly?"  -  What a funny kid !
Thatch and Oreo
Tagg lovin' on Oreo
Saturday night after our Park City Adventure, I fixed pizza, and Landon and Kacey came over, and we all hung out, and it was a good time.  Zac (with Payson watching), playing the GOLF game.  It's a tricky little game where you try and get 5 small BB's into 5 holes.  It's not that easy !
Grandma Ben came down also, and they had a fun time reading stories.


Sunday Group Picture
Treyson, CJ, Roger, Zac, Dax, Carrie, Mark, Mom, Dallin, Dad, Thatcher, Jaden

Erika, Aaron, and Colton and Larissa were in the house talking to Brian (missionary) on the phone, and Mark's family was just leaving.  Devin had to work.

I made chicken noodle soup and rolls, and took to Mom's.  We also had dessert.  It was great to be together as family on Mother's Day.

Sleepy Brightyn

Near East Canyon Reservoir - Sunday May 1st.

Dirt boy

Brightyn loves Lagoon !

Whee !!!!!
Payson, Kolston, Brightyn

Camalama - love and miss her !

Camryn's Great Grandma Severino passed away on April 24th.  Here is a picture of her and her husband, who passed away in 2003.  She was in her 90's. 

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