Monday, May 23, 2016

In the Barnyard

We picked us up some new Guinea Fowl.
Two males, and one hen.
After a few days of trial and error, they have finally made their more flying the coop (so to speak), hopefully they can free range, stay in the barnyard, keep pests (insects) at bay, and call out to warn of strangers.
We tried to keep them caged up, but they kept getting stuck between the vinyl fence and the coop. Now they are just out in the barnyard.
Dear old Billy - we sure like him.  He is the friendliest goat.  He is a WETHER, which is a buck that has been "fixed".  He is sure big though, and he did get rambunctious with CJ that one time, and he likes to rub into you, and likes to be petted.  But I really don't think he has a mean bone in his body. 
Roger decided to let the little ones loose in the barnyard, and they have had a great time frolicking around, jumping, climbing, butting, hopping, is fun to watch them.
Thatcher can pick them up all by himself - IF he can catch them.  The little boys are a lot tamer and friendlier than the little girls.   Snickerdoodle (who is being carried by Thatcher above) is the cutest and friendliest.
Nuzzling Noses
We bought an old stereo console for $25 on Morgan Moms, and converted it into a baby goat feeder ! 
It is working out so well !  I don't think Roger could have bought the necessary wood for less than $25, and this way he hardly had to do any work to get it ready to go.

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