Sunday, November 27, 2016

Got a cat, lost a cat, Do we have a cat?

I've posted pics about a cat (Fluffy) that we picked up for free (when getting the free carpet).  Roger wasn't too thrilled...... especially after it pooped in our truck on the ride home. STINKY !!

Then Lucky liked the cat (or really basically couldn't care less about the cat), but our cat was FREAKED over Lucky.

So we made him a little "place" on our back porch, and put up an old baby gate to keep Lucky from his food.  (Did I tell you it's a boy cat (supposedly) - even with the name Fluffy).

I say supposedly, because he is so FLUFFY and FURRY, that I haven't see any evidence of gender.   Anywhoo..........  He comes, he goes.....   I didn't see him for 2 days, and thought he had disappeared, but then there he is at the back door, wanting to come in.

He loves milk, and he is friendly, purrs all the time.

He was pooping in Kenzie's window well, which she didn't appreciate, so Roger D. covered it up with wire, and hopefully he's not doing that any more.

Here's a cute video of Brightyn and Payson with Fluffy.  Brightyn reminds me of that littlest girl on Despicable Me, who gets excited about animals.

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