Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In past years, we've put on a spread.  Really gone all out at times !
My goodness - look how YOUNG they all look.  
Don't we all !?  I think this was in 2011
This year we were concentrating on Tagg's Leprechaun Trap.  We a little (lot) of help from Dad (Zac), the trap he had envisioned came to life.  First came a rotted out old tree from down at the Property.  
It was transformed into THIS magnificent trap.
   Check out the video of how it works.

The boys are wearing these LUCKY GREEN shirts to school today, announcing the BIGGEST SURPRISE of all............
Click on the picture to read up close, their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.
They and their parents and ALL OF US, couldn't be happier.

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