Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our life is busy and fun

I thought this was such a sweet picture.
Last Thursday night we watched Landon and Kacey's kids while they went to a late night Jazz game.  We watched them overnight.  They were so good.  Went to bed at 8pm, woke up at 7am.  Such sweeties. 
Friday night I went over to Crossfit for Friday Night Lights.
It was the first workout, 16.1
It was fun watching the ones signed up for the Open compete.
Saturday night we met Landon and Kacey down at Classic Skating in Layton.  We took Treyson, Tagg and Thatcher.  The kids had a great time.  
They took their scooters, and went round and round..........
They would every so often shut off the lights, and have the disco ball spinning, and a big screen.  They loved that part.  I really like how they didn't have a wall around the rink, and they kids could go on and off easily.  We had a picnic table right next to the rink, and they had a homebase they could come back to. 
Of course there were the arcade games, and tokens and of course, tickets.  Gary and Carol were there with Brittany's kids, and Kaley with her crew.  They all had a great time. 

Tickets - yeah !
We went to celebrate Payson's 4th birthday.
Look at his head - it was so sweaty.  They were all sweaty !!
Another part of Classic skating has been blow up bounce toys.  This one was especially fun, where you would climb up, and then jump into a big foam pit.  It took a little bit to build up their confidence, but Payson and Thatcher eventually were jumping off it like pros.  
Treyson and Tagg like the "Wrecking Ball" area.
All smiles :)
That's Payson and Harper, climbing up the stairs to slide down the big slide.

Sunday evening we met at the Brooks to have hamburgers, and celebrate Payson's 4th birthday.  He received many fun presents.  
Such a cute cake Kacey made.  The dirt is crushed Oreos - too cute !

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