Saturday, March 19, 2016

Home Made Raspberry Ice Cream

Grandma D has been making homemade ice cream lately.  My grandkids had never seen the process, so we arranged to have them go and help mix it up last Saturday morning before Camryn left for Arizona. 
Such good helpers and watchers :)
Mom freezes the raspberries that are picked during the summer. She thawed them and then ground them up. 
Best Part of course :)
Two beaters...........Three kids........
Into the container it goes :)
Dad brought up some snow that was still lingering at the Property.  And packed it in the mixer that was in the sink.  
Entertainment while waiting.  Cam was trying to explain that they boys were NOT following the instructions correctly, and they were insisting that they played it JUST LIKE THE BETTINSONS. 
Zac and Treyson were over at their lot, spreading out dirt with the tractor. 
Group Shot !!  They are getting harder and harder to get, as the kids get older.  Several times while Cam was here and I tried to get a picture, she would shy from the camera.  That makes me sad..........tweens.............. 
YUMMY !!!!!!!
One last picture before she heads back to AZ :(

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