Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year in AZ

Thanks Grandma Ben !
Playing Candyland with Elle.  We went to Mitch and Therese's home for the big New Year's Celebration.
Good Food - Good Times !!
Jessica and Marvin came and brought their dogs, Luke and Leia
We lasted until 8pm (haha)
Cam and his Xbox
Camryn Dee
(we went and saw Moby Dick aka Heart of the Sea)
Had to do a lot of talking to get this pic !
Cameron and Nick
Cameron got a 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building for Christmas.
Me and Manda and he (Him?) had a great time putting it together.
We went to the World Wildlife Zoo on Saturday.
Love these guys !
Mitch and Therese and Elle
Feeding the Giraffes !

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