Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This past week - January 2016

Roger finally had a Friday off !! First one in 4 months (not counting our trip to AZ).  It was snowing (of course), so he had fun plowing us out, then we went to his moms and shoveled her out, then to my parents, where I manned the snow shovel, and he got on the new Kubota Snowblower Machine.  Yahoo - he loved it !!
Friday we went to lunch for Kacey's birthday at the Spring Chicken Inn. 
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her !
But here is cute Brightyn.
Kolston and Brightyn spent a lot of time under the table..........
......and on the floor.  Silly kids.
Saturday morning it was basketball.
Here Thatcher is with two of the Adams kids
the IPAD is a great entertainer.
Tagg played a great game, and got a few baskets.
We were there to support him.
Then it was off to Uncle Dale's Funeral.
Uncle Dale is married to Aunt Shanna, who is LuAnn's sister.
LuAnn, Jeannette, Val Lorraine, Kris, Lila, Joni, Georgia
Waiting for the funeral procession.  The sun came out, and thankfully it wasn't freezing cold.
Gerald Mikesell, and Uncle Val Hardy
Aunt Shanna with her friend and Uncle Val.
THEN, we went down to Roger and Annette's and picked up our mama goats.
We are expecting that THEY are expecting...........and will get new baby goats at the end of April or first of May.
We had a sleepover at our house Saturday night.
The kids had a great time playing with the Play Doh.
I made crocodiles for each of them - they loved it.

Monday morning I headed to Crossfit at 9am (since I didn't have to work that day), and there were Chans and Tausha outside in a blizzard, cooling off from their workout.  Crazy !!  Monday's workout was a killer. I'm still sore.
On Monday, CJ had Lindsey and kids, and Traci and kids come up and hang out.  The older kids played in the snow all day it seemed.   Here they are above, trying to scare me with the red blood (raspberry filling) on their faces.
They had fun climbing the hill and sledding............
.............and also building snow forts.  I let them use my bread pans to make bricks. 

Here are some fun Videos to watch !!


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