Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Crazy Fun Weekend

Is this the cutest picture or what?
Payson, Thatcher, and Caden Adams.
I had my hands full keeping these three occupied at Tagg's basketball game.
Around and Around and Around we went.  They are sure full of energy. 
This was lunch.
They both wanted EGGS !!
Payson loves to pretend.  First he is Hulk, then he is Prancer, then he is Santa Claus !
Brightyn and I would lay under the table (I had made a fort), and he would visit us, and bring us presents, and we would pretend to leave him cookies and milk..........which turned into us MAKING cookies and milk.
We read ONE LITTLE MATCH over and over and over.
The kids just LOVE it !
Zac and Tagg were busy downstairs, ripping out our old shower.
What a project !
Let's see.   We've got a bowl of raspberries defrosting (to make jam), and a bowl of pizza dough, ready to make a pizza for dinner !  Yahooo !!
Silly Girl 
I don't know if you can see it very well, but the new snowblower is working wonders on Dad and Mom's driveway.  Zac worked to widen it, and it worked beautifully. 
Not sure what the tear is about.....She had a hard Sunday morning.  I think she didn't want to share the stirring spoon with Payson.  
Such good helpers !!
This was after the bathtub mishap.....
She got a bar of soap all over her hands, and then rubbed her right eye.
Oh the pain of it all !!
We had tears for quite a while, on and off.
I was kind of worried, but it eventually quit hurting, thank goodness. 
Can you guess how many times I told him to be careful, and not get the jam on him?   
TA DA !!!  24 cups of raspberry freezer jam.
We are a great team !
I don't have pictures..........but church was a hoot !
Sacrament meeting was good, because Brightyn fell asleep in my arms for about an hour.  I guess I really hadn't thought about how I was going to play my piano in Primary with Brightyn........  I knew she woudn't go to Nursery without me, and really she sat pretty good (and helped me play the piano a little) during the first hour.  The 2nd hour, CJ took her out in the hall, and she was fine there.  Payson and Thatcher gave their two Sunbeam teachers a run for their money, that's for sure.  Oh boy...........
Pays is saying, "Ho Ho Ho, what do you want for Christmas little girl"
He's back to being Santa Claus this morning, and she loves it.  Brightyn sits on his lap readily.  She wanted a new baby puppy, named Yadi Christmas.  *Payson said when he goes back to the Philippines (what?!) that he is going to get Yadi, and bring him back.....Yadi is a puppy they had over there for awhile, until he kept bringing TICKS into the house all of the time. 
Later, the big boys talked Dad into going out and playing in the snow with them.  They stayed out  until there were tears..........which is what CJ predicted would happen. 
The Littles stayed in where it was warm, and cheered them on.
They would throw snowballs against the windows.
I was hoping we didn't have one break !!
Cold Rosy Cheeks - Sweaty Heads
Happy Boys
Back on the floor, playing pretend again.
Payson loves the green brush with the little soft poky combers.
I told him it was little chipmunks running through his hair, and he loved the way it felt.  I've got to tell you though, I was much more gentle than he was, combing MY hair. OUCH !
More snow !  Beautfiul Sunshine !
It was a GREAT weekend :)

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