Sunday, January 31, 2016

Same kind of Saturdays

Tagg still has basketball, and really does a great job.
It's fun to watch the team.  Tagg really does a great job defending. 
We had Landon and Kacey's kids again (while they are reffing/score keeping) at the basketball games in the middle school gym. (We are in the Trojan Century Center).  We are glad for MAGNAFORMS - they keep the kids entertained. 
Back home for lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and NO BAKE COOKIES !
Brightyn is so funny, she was eating her chocolate milk with a spoon - crazy !
Then we got bundled up, and went outside so Grandma could get some pics.  As usual, it's more work for the parents, just getting them all bundled up.  And the fun only last so long, until they are cold and crying.  
Brighty knew what throwing snow was all about :)
Treyson was the master sleigh riding trail builder - with a little help from Thatcher on his back.
Brightyn loved being pulled down the hill.......
.....for a while, and then she got upset, and huddled with Lnadon under some pipe.
There is a big pile of rotomil in Wilkinson's road, and it makes for a steep fast hill for sleighriding.  These two boys made it to the top.  Payson had a problem, because he had a finger that was hurting (because he had bitten the nail too deep), and he refused to have a glove or mitton on it, so with one bare hand, it was kind of complicated.  
An ANGEL for sure ;)
During all of the sleighriding, Tagg was busy with building a snowman, which is what he REALLY likes to do.  We got two lemons, a carrot, and some olives to complete the face :)
I managed to get in the house before Treyson lobbed this big snowball at me.  

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