Sunday, June 4, 2017

Our life - from the average and boring, to the exciting and fun

Lucky got a hair cut
Tagg is a rock hound.
Look at his educational video here
Sad Puppy Dog Face (haha)
I have yet to see a game of Thatcher's
Here he is showing me his batting stance. 
Picked up some new plants at Valley Nursery
Tagg's new puppy Rex - he'll be ready to go in a few more weeks.
Our silly chickens don't know where to roost at night.
Wonder what will happen come winter?

Uh - this is making Grandma nervous !
Lunch at the Property
A little left over ice cream
My mother - the bridge cleaner :)
Zac and Grandpa D and Roger were able to get a bunch more sprinklers changed out yesterday.  Alot of hard work.  Only 6 more to go.  I think there are 60 in all. 
Relaxing while watching
My hero 
France had two babies about 6pm last night
If you want to see the actual birth of the 2nd one, click here
Here they are about an hour after birth.
Haven't named them yet -
Probably Brownie, for the brown faced little white one.
The black one sure is tiny, but seems more active than Brownie.

**CJ vetoed me - it's Bert (White) and Ernie (Black)
Unless we change them to Lewis and Clark (per Tagg)

***Guess we are going with Lewis and Clark (haha)

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