Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day

Zac and Roger and Grandpa D worked to replace 30? 40? of 60 (total) sprinklers.  Changing from the Maxi Paw to something different.
We all brought potluck and our meat and drinks.
CJ made this cute "flag" thing.  Pretty Yummy !
These three are growing up so much !
I brought over some gourds that we had grown last year, and that had dried over the winter.  The little kids had a great time painting them to be used a bird feeders.
The bigger kids weren't interested, but Thatcher, Payson and Bright loved the painting.
The bigger kids were having a water fight in the ditch, and Thatcher got in on the action too.
Warming up on the hot cement afterwards, and slurping up (Treyson) Erika's colorful jello ribbon salad.

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