Monday, June 19, 2017

Goats Galore !! - it's so much fun :)

We have become the neighborhood sensation :)
Baby goats are so cute and fun (and funny)
Payson and Clark

As a recap -
Lewis and Clark (both males) - born June 3rd
Marvin and Otis (both males) - born June 13th
Thelma and Louise (both females) - both June 16th
Kacey and Kaley and Jordyn brought.........
Dayton, Hayden, Braelynn, Kroix, Harper, Kolston, Hadli, Payson, Brightyn, and Kellen
So much Crazy Fun !!  The kids loved the goats, and we love having visitors.
Brightyn and Lazy Lewis
With Thelma - only a few hours old
Thatcher with Marvin
Grandma Ben holding Otis, and visiting with Treyson

Tanner Nelson (Elwin and Lori's grandson) - loves to help out.
Rex (Tagg's new dog) loves to lick the milk off the goats (haha)
After a fun little romp in the back yard, we hauled them back to their pen.
Grandpa D loves little animals
Group Picture !!
Lewis, Clark, Thelma, Louise, Otis, Marvin, Rex
Feeding Otis - Harder than it looks, huh Landon ?
Grandpa Roger like Clark the best
Kacey and Thelma

Tagg feeding Clark (with a little HI from Thatcher)
Me and Lewis - he's my favorite
Grandpa has a lot of help.
Brightyn helping Treyson feed Lewis
Kellen and Clark
Paris with our 2nd batch of babies - Otis and Marvin
The oldest twins - Lewis and Clark
They are rambunctious !
This is what we do.
Pour, Warm, Fill, Repeat........
It's a full time job.
First 4 weeks - 4 times a day
then 2 weeks @ 3 times a day
then 2 weeks @ 2 times a day
By the time Jaden has his reception, we will have some free time again !

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