Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our Busy Life

I bought an electric piano !
Bren's sounded so good (not a cheapy organ sound) when we were in AZ, I kept my eyes open, and was able to pick one up from Morgan Mom's.  I ordered a "sustainer", which works as a pedal (similar to a piano), and if I could just get me a good piano bench, I'll be set !!
My sleep study was a night from hell...........however they did verify that I absolutely suffer from some weird kind of sleep apnea, not the usual relaxed throat closing off airway, but where my brain forgets to tell me to breathe.  Apparently I had 49 episodes per hour while I was asleep, and my O2 levels dipped as low as into the 60's.  Unfortunately, they want me to come back AGAIN !!   OH NO !!!!  Another night of hell, where they will put a CPAP machine on me, and monitor and adjust it throughout the night.  Let's hope I can sleep better this time - right...................
The boys mowed Grandma Ben's lawn.  Roger was on the riding lawn mower too. 
Afterwards, they enjoyed a treat.
Thatcher was the boss.......however he mostly watched Paw Patrol :)
These two were sure excited to go camping with their Brooks family.
We visited the cemetery, and decorated the graves there.
Still missing this little one :(
We helped Grandpa D plant 3 more rows of corn, and a row of cabbage/cauliflower/kale.
Hung out at the Property - of course.
Moved the dirt from our window well project to Zac's to fill in some holes.
Built a baby goat feeder - they still aren't here !!!
A great project, hope we can put it to use and raise us some bottle babies.
Rode up to the dam to check out the spillway.
Milk is already to go in the free fridge we put in our garage.
Thatcher and Tagg went up to Lava with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Shirlee for the day (Saturday).  (Shirlee, all of those pics I tried to email me, failed, just like yours did?  I don't know why.........  Can you try and text them to me?)
Goat feeder painted, hung, ready to go.
Just have to add the nipples.
Sunday night Zac and Family decided to camp out at the Property.
It was a LONG SLEEPLESS night........
They invited us over to an impromptu campfire party in the evening. 
Loves from MOM
Great family picture
It was a good evening.
Ready for bed.......
Then back up again (with Grandma Shirlee)
Early Memorial Day morning at the South Morgan Cemetery.
They honored CJ's grandpa Claude, here is their family around his grave.
Natalie, CJ, Rylee, Shirlee, Jim, Claudia, Randy, Pauline, Treyson, with Thatcher and Tagg in front
Then I made my last night EVER to the "M"
These guys had to wait for me FOREVER to get my butt up there.
Looking out over the valley.
I should have had my picture taken there too !
Meanwhile, during the weekend, this girl was having fun at the cabin with her cousins.
4-wheeling fun with Dad
Cute Family Picture
And in AZ, Manda went to a party with her weight lifting buddies
And Cam hung out with her cousins at Grammy Pam's pool.
Summer is here !!

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